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all requirements needed to become a private

What facial hair are males authorized to have? sideburns and mustaches
What jewelry can be worn with the Young Marine Uniform? watches, medical items, religious medallions, class or Young Marine rings, or small studs for females
How do you state a Young Marine Rank preceded by “Young Marine” then the rank
When is the Young Marine Birthday? October 17, 1965
Where and when was the Young Marines founded 1958 in Waterbury, Connecticut
As you were cancel previous command, or go back to last position
Bulkhead wall
Carry on continue with what you’re doing
Deck floor
Esprit de Corps readiness for action and courage
Field Day general housecleaning
Gung Ho “Can do!”
Hatch door
Head bathroom
Ladder stairway
Overhead ceiling
Pogey Bait candy, cookies, snacks
Police to straighten up
Port left side
Starboard right side
Secure stop work or make safe
Topside upper deck
Chow food
Galley kitchen
Mess hall dining area
Pipe down quiet
Grinder drill area
What personal equipment items should be carried in pockets? whistle, pocket knife, personal identification and medical insurance card, map, compass, matches, survival kit, lip balm, notepad, pencil, and/or small flashlight
Why is a high standard of personal hygiene so important in the field? protects you against illness and promotes good health
How often should you wash in the field? daily
How many times a day should you wash your teeth? twice
How deep can you go into the water without adult supervision and a floatation device? knee deep
What do you do when leaving a campsite? pick up after yourself
What are five colors used in a topographical map? red, brown, blue, green, black
What is the meaning of physical fitness? to be able to perform tasks without getting tired
What is the importance of good physical fitness? It enables us to perform up to our potential.
What are the components of physical fitness? cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition
How many points do you need to pass the PFT? 200When was membership extended to female Young Marines?
When did the organization go international 1995
Which organization recognizes the Young Marines as the focal organization for the contribution to Drug Demand Reduction? the Marines Corps
What are 3 parts of the Marine Corps Emblem anchor, eagle, & globe
Semper Fidelis means Always Faithful
Where does the term Leatherneck come from? a leather collar worn to protect the neck from sword slashes
What is the Mameluke sword? the sword received in Tripoli by Presley Obanet and is a symbol for over 100 years
What is the birthdate and location of the origin of the Marine Corps Tun Tavern Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 10 November 1775
What does Teufel Hunde mean? Devil Dogs
Where does Teufel Hunde come from? German name for Marines
Who was the first Marine Aviator? Major Alfred A. Cunningham
Who was the “Grand Old Man” of the Marine Corps? Colonel Henderson
Where is Mount Suribachi? on Iwo Jima
What is the significance of Mount Suribachi? most important flag raising
Who was the first enlisted Woman Marine? Opha Mae Johnson
What was the first Commandant of the Marine Corps? Captain Samuel Nicholas
How do you properly address all adults? “sir” or “ma’am”
What should you do when the National Anthem is played and you’re in uniform? face the music, stand at attention and salute
What should you do when not in uniform when the National Anthem is played? stand at attention and put right hand on heart (if you have a head covering on you put that on it)
What is the date of Flag Day June 14th
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner? Francis Scott Key
What did the Congressional Act of 1954 do? it put “under God” into the Pledge of Allegiance
What are three purposes of drill? 1) discipline 2) Move as a group from one place to another in an orderly manner 3)to increase a leader’s confidence
What is a preparatory command? a command that tells you to get ready
What is a command of execution? a command that begins execution of movements
What are the only two flags that can be flown above the American Flag? the United Nations flag and the church flag on Naval ships on Sundays
What is the National Ensign? the American Flag when flown over posts, stations, or ships
What the 3 flag sizes? post 10 x 19, storm 5 x 9 , and garrison 20 x 38
When do you salute? when given the command SALUTE; TWO, under arms at 6 paces/15 feet from an officer, and National Anthem
When do you not salute? in the hall
How is the Young Marine breast pocket patch placed on the uniform? 1/8 inch above the left breast pocket
Where is the nametape worn on the uniform blouse? centered over right breast pocket
Where is the nametape worn on the uniform? centered over right rear pocket
How are ribbons worn on the uniform? 1/8 inch above left breast pocket above Young Marine patch
What is the one enlisted rank in the Marine Corps that the Young Marines do not have? Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps
What should you do if a toothbrush is not available to clean your teeth? use dental floss or tooth pick
To prevent the spread of germs, what are 2 items you should never share? toothbrush and canteens
When camping, for water to be used for drinking, how long must it be boiled? 20 minutes minimum
What are 2 ways to remove a tick from the body? tweezers, burn it, smother it
What are 2 characteristics to look for when choosing a campsite? nearby stream and high ground
What is a Squad? 3 teams with a leader
What is a Platoon? 3 squads with headquarters section
How many Platoons make up a company? 2 or more
Who is the Unit Commanding Officer? Don Carlisle
Who is the Unit Executive Officer? Kurt Balkovic
What is a Supernumerary? a standby relief
Who is the highest ranking person in the Young Marines organization? National Executive Direct Mike Kessler
Whose duty is it to supervise, post, and relieve sentries? Corporal of the Guard
Whose duty is it to assist Commander of the guard, and supervise equipment and enlisted members of the guard? Sergeant of the Guard