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Organizational Behavior MGMT 230 quiz 1

The factor that was most important in the emerging of the industrial revolution in the late 1700s was undoubtedly the: The development of the steam power
The "Father of Modern Management" is generally considered to be: Fred Taylor
In England, the word "rubber" refers to what? Eraser
Fred Taylor missed the boat by Not seeing workers as social animals
Which of the following is NOT a theory Y characteristic of workers? Work is distasteful to most workers
Machiavili believed that people were basically_____? Evil
Fred Taylor believed that: The standardization could improve production efficiency
Who is Ceaser Milan? The dog whisperer from Mexico
Self-efficacy reflects: Our confidence in our ability to do a job
The protestant reformation gave rise to the protestant ethic which argues that: The path to eternal salvation is hard work in the current life
The Hawthorne experiments were important because They showed that informal groups have greater impact on productivity than formal rules
Max Weber's contribution to organization theory was occasioned by Development of the bureaucratic form of organization
In communications, one group argued that "the eyes are the conduit to the sole". Which group suggested this aspect of communications? Native Americans
Seating is very important at a political luncheon involving a U.S. Senator, a State Governor, and a U.S. Congressman, who would be seated immediately to the right of the master of ceremonies? The Senator
Seating is very important at a political luncheon involving a U.S. Senator, a State Governor, and a U.S. Congressman, who is the master of ceremonies? U.S. Congressman
Seating is very important at a political luncheon involving a U.S. Senator, a State Governor, and a U.S. Congressman, who would be seated immediately to the left of the master of ceremonies? Governor
Before the middle ages, work was: Only for slaves and animals
If you are a Theory "x" person, you would probably not exhibit which of the following characteristics? Ambition, work is distasteful, need of constant supervision, not creative, lack motivation Ambition
Type "X" person: loves everything or hates everything? Hates everything, negative, no motivation, needs supervision
Max Weber's theory of hierarchy contains which of the following? ALL OF THESE: A formal set of rules to govern behavior, an impersonal orientation, clear lines of authority, rational allocation of tasks, and merit-based employment
What is most important in determining how a worker will respond in a certain work situation? Genetic factors and environmental factors
Maslow argued that ____ needs must be met before ____ needs are pursued. Safety before aesthetic
Sigma six is the currently in vogue strategy to improve performance in firms. It is a method that: Produces about 3-4 defects per million units of output
Which of the following occupations would most likely exhibit a "type B" personality? An accountant. (Type A: outgoing, job done quick. Type B: more precise, detailed, takes long time)
If you display high efficacy, which of the following will relate to your performance? Can-do attitude, and high self-esteem
The primary focus of organizational behavior is to Understand individual and group behaviors in organizations
If you are a Machiavellian-oriented person, which of the following would best characterize your behavior? Its better to be feared than to be loved
If you display a negative affectivity toward work and your fellow employees, how do you act? Experience negative emotional states and believe that you are not being treated appropriately
The glass ceiling is a device that: Keeps women from rising above a certain level in organizations.
Managers who worry about diversity in the labor force know that in 20 years, the work force will not show what? More younger than older workers. (Hispanics will be majority, already more women than men working, women are paid 22% less than men of equal level)
In a 360 evaluation system, what would generally be the first step in the evaluation process? A self-evaluation
When are you more motivated? When you are compared to others and when a goal is set.
One with internal motivation: Doesn't matter what the job is, they will enjoy it
What has Jimmy Cater been doing for the past 35years? Over seeing elections and building homes for humanity
What is the job performance of one who is motivated? Absentee goes down, turn over lower, etc
What are #1 motivation in competitors? Goals, the tougher you make the goal the tougher they will try. No 2 people are motivated by the same things. Feedback is also a major motivator
Almost Half of workers state what? They are stressed at their job.
Studies show what is the most stressful thing in a persons life? Their job, over their family and assets.
What does competition do? Drives our economy and leads to stress
What does stress cause? Exhaustion and insomnia
What is the most stressful job? Flight Control. Shut down in 1881
What type of stress is an Emergency Room Charge Nurse? Temporary stress
How much did Fred Taylor pay employees? $5/day...8hr work day was $2.
Why did Fred Taylor pay his employees more than minimum? Believed rewards to employees encourage more work.
What is Autonomy? Independent thinking and responsibilities. Most employees opt to have more autonomy.
What are the 4 basic job characteristics? Autonomy, interaction, job variety...?? (net says: feedback, autonomy, variety, and identity)
What happens within the first 2-3 minutes of meeting someone? Judgment and decision about you
Created by: Keller
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