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vocab 2

level f vocab 2

to improve, make better, amend ameliorate
poise, great self-coinfidence, composure, levelheadedness aplomb
pompous, pretentious bombastic
without experience, immature, raw, green callow
saliva or mucus, foolish talk, nonsense, to waste away drivel
a summary, abstract, model, instance that represents a larger reality epitome
urge strongly, advise, implore exhort
holding a vertain office ex officio
to violate, trespass, encroach, intrude infringe
cozy up to, to make agreeable and gain favor ingratiate
trespasser, one who moves in where they arent wanted, intruder, meddler interloper
belonging to someone by its nature, essential, organic intrinsic
make a violent attack in words, rail, strong disapproval inveigh
lack of energy, weariness of body or mind, fatigue lassitude
period of 1,000 years, period of great joy, golden age, peace, prosperity millennium
mysterious, magical, supernatural, to hide, conceal occult
to spread through, soak through, penetrate permeate
to fall as moisture,provoke, produce, product of an action or process precipitate
strict, severe, compelling, stern, sharp or bitter in taste, tough, urgent stringent
to think or believe without certain supporting evidence, guess, infer, gather surmise
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