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Exam 1

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

What does apprenticeship mean? legal agreement to work for another for a specific amount of time in return for instruction in a trade, art, or business
What does Career and Technical Education (CTE) mean? CTE instruction aims at developing foundational skills, core workplace, competencies and specific skills in various occupational areas.
What does Career Preparation mean? a learning experience that combines classroom instruction with paid business and industry employment experiences.
What are career clusters? a way of organizing curricula, instruction, and assessment around specific occupational groups.
What is certification? A designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job or task.
What is dual enrollment? an opportunity and agreement through which a student may earn high school credit for successfully completing a college course that covers all the TEKS
What is an internship? any period of time during which a beginner acquires experience in an occupation, profession, or pursuit internship.
What is a license? a permit from an authority to carry on a trade.
What are practicum courses? supervised practical application of previously studied knowledge and skills that can occur in a paid or unpaid arrangement and a variety loe. app. to the nature and level of experience.
What are Programs of Study (POS)? a way of organizing curricula and educational activities within a career cluster related to a student's specific academic or career goal.
What does CTE stand for? Career and Technical Education
What does POS stand for? Programs of Study
What is the name of this course? Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
What cluster is this course in? Hospitality and Tourism
What programs of study are in this cluster? Restaurant and food/beverage, Travel Tourism, Lodging, Recreation, Amusements, and Attraction.
What does FCCLA stand for? Family Career Community Leaders of America
How many FCCLA national officers are there? There are 10 FCCLA national officers
What is the name of the FCCLA national magazine? Teen Times
How much are the FCCLA national dues? 9.00 dollars
What is a due? A charge that a person pays to be a member of an organization or a group.
How much are the FCCLA state dues? 7.00 dollars
How many FCCLA chapters are there in the USA? 6,500
How many FCCLA members are there? Over 219,000
What does SMART stand for? Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely.
What is SMART used for? It is used as a way to evaluate goals
What are goals? Aims you are trying to reach or the things you want to achieve.
How many career clusters are there? 16
What are long-term goals? Goals that may take months, a year, or many years to reach.
What are short-term goals? Goals that may met in a few hours, days, weeks or months
What are challenging goals? Goals that require ambition and effort.
What are realistic goals? Goals that can be reached
What does balance mean? to keep something in a steady position so that it is even
What is a career? an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life
What is a decision? A conclusion/resolution reached after consideration
What is energy? The strength and vitality required for sustained physical/mental activity
Created by: avenly
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