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geography rivers

Whqt is abrasion Its when the river bed is scraped away from thebex and it isbad deeper and wide
What is solution Solution is when the erodes the rock by chemicals
What is hrdrqulic action Hydraulic action is when the watervis running water can be powerful espeially during floods
What is the qmount of eroisin depends on Restine rock Volume Speed
How rivers erode The force of moving water The material carried along by the river Vertical. and lateral eriosion Attrition Chemicals
Feactures if erosion The riververodes down Weathering Gravity River transports to form v-shaped vally
What is interlocking spurs Interlocking spurs is when high ground which jut outband seem to lock into eafh other
What is a waterfall A waterfall is when a river falls over a vertical slope
What is the mature stage It when the lighest paricals suspene into watar The heavy partical are bounds along river bed The heaviest pebbles and stones are rolled and draged
Vally troughs They are wide flowed vallys and gently sloped sides
Pronounced curves Its when a winding course the curves in the river become more pronounced until the form menders
Flood plans Are almost flat which border a old river
What is levees Are long narrow ridges
What are ox bow lakes They are horses shaped lakes
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