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Unit 3 Post Test

A metaphor is a direct comparison of two unlike things that does NOT use like or as
A main idea in a story is the central message of that story
What is a supporting detail? details that explain the main idea of a story
The rising action in a story occurs before the climax
What is the main idea of the following passage? It was backward day at school. The students had to do things backward. Some of them wore their clothes backward. They took the test before they studied the lesson! The students had a backward day.
What is the main idea of the following passage? They are building a new school near my house. Every day I watch the workers drive huge tractors and push a ton of dirt. . Every day it looks more and more like a school. A new school is being built.
Which sentence provides another supporting detail for the paragraph? The diamondback rattlesnake is named for the diamond-shaped markings on its back and the rattling sounds it makes. Diamondbacks are found in the southeastern United States. The eastern diamond back is also called the water rattlesnake.
The setting of a story is when and where the story takes place
What are informational text features? titles, charts, and captions
Alliteration is when several words in a sentence all start with the same letter
In Medea, Jason has several characteristics. All of the following are Jason's characteristics, except for one. Which one is NOT Jason's characteristic? loyal
In Medea, Medea has many characteristics. All of the following are characteristics of Medea, except for one. Which one is NOT a characteristic of Medea? forgiving
T.H.I.E.V.E.S stands for title, heading, introduction, everything, visuals, end of the article, so what
The 3-2-1 strategy stands for three things you learned, 2 things you found interesting, 1 question you have
Filicide is the act of killing one's children
Informational text features can be found in non-fiction
Snap, crackle, pop is an example of onomatopoeia
The following sentence uses which type of figurative language? I tried to open my locker a thousand times before someone came to help me. hyperbole
The following sentence is an example of which type of figurative language? The little girl was as strong as an ox. simile
Theme is the __________________ of a story. message
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