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Tera's Pharm

LP5 Review

which vitamin is necessary for maintenance of normal nerve and muscle function also the absorption of calcium? Vitamin D
which vitamin facilitates blood clotting? Vitamin K
which vitamin is necessary for lipid metabolism? Niacin or B3
which vitamin is deficient when osteomalacia, rickets and muscle spasms occur? Vitamin D
which vitamin is deficient when destruction of RBCs and muscle weakness are present? Vitamin E
What does iron do when taken as a supplement? Increase formation of RBCs
Which part of the body does the mineral iodine mainly affect? Thyroid
What is the trade name for diphenhydramine? Benadryl
What medication is used for canadidiasis infections such as thrush, diaper rash, and vaginitis? Nystatin
Which antifungal best treats athlete's foot, ringworm, and jock itch? Clotrimazole or Lotrimin
What medication is used to treat fungal nail infections? Terbinafine
Which medication is used to treat herpes simplex? Acyclovir
Which type of eye medications cause pupils to contract? Miotics
What is the most common side effect to optic anti-infective medications? hypersensitivity/photosensitivity
what should patients taking miotics be instructed not to do? Drive at night
What types of eye medications are used to dilate the eyes? mydriatics
What medication is the first drug of choice for an ear infection? Amoxicillin
What is a common eye medication that is considered a Beta blocker? Timolol
What is a common medication that is considered a prostaglandin analog? Travoprost
What medication is used at the end of an eye exam to constrict the pupil? Atropine
what is vitamin A necessary for? healthy skin, development of bones and teeth, vision in dim light
what is vitamin C necessary for? aids in the absorption of calcium, helps prevent colds, important for bones, teeth, small blood vessels, promotes healing
What is vitamin D necessary for? important for proper use of calcium and phosphorus in the body
what is vitamin K necessary for? blood clotting
what is vitamin E necessary for? normal reproduction and helps in the formation of muscles and RBCs, decreases platelet clumping
what is folic acid necessary for? protein synthesis, production of RBCs, cell division, and normal growth and maintenance of all cells
what is niacin necessary for? lipid metabolism and nerve functioning, especially in the circulation and maintenance of all cells
what effect does iron have on the body? iron is vital for the oxygen-carrying and delivery component of blood. Iron is necessary for hemoglobin formation.
What are some medications that include iron? Feosol, Ferrex 150, ferrous sulfate
what is the difference between enzymatic and keratolytic? keratolytics are used to control abnormal scaling or to promote peeling, while enzymatics are used on necrotic tissue for chemical debridement
What is Lotrimin used for? Vaginal yeast infections
what is the generic name for Lotrimin? clotrimazole
what is used for fungal nail infections? terbinafine
what class of medications causes pupils to contract? Miotics
what is a medication in the miotic class? pilocarpine HCL
what is a major side effect of antibiotic eye treatments? hypersensitivity reactions
how many classes of anti-glaucoma drugs are there? 5
List the classes of antiglaucoma meds? -carbonic anhydrase inhibitors,-miotcs,-beta adrenergic blockers,-alpha agonists,-prostaglandin analogs
list a medication in the carbonic anhydrase inhibitors class dorzolamide
list a medication in the miotics class pilocarpine
list a medication in the beta adrenergic blockers calss timolol
list a medication in the alpha agonists class brimonidine
list a medication in the prostaglandin analogs class latanoprost
define hypokalemia abnormally low blood potassium
define hyperkalemia abnormally high blood potassium
define hypocalcemia abnormally low blood calcium
define hypercalcemia abnormally high blood calcium
define dermatitis inflammation of the skin
define psoriasis a chronic skin disease characterized by scaling and inflammation
define pediculosis head lice
define thrush an infection of the mouth
define glaucoma a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball, causes gradual loss of sight
define cataracts a condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively cloudy.
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