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Exploring Careers

career research

The way you use your time, energy, and resources. Lifestyle
A series of related jobs built on a foundation of interest, knowledge, training, and experience Career
A series of steps to help identify and evaluate possibilities when making a choice Decision Making Process
The potential for learning a skill Aptitude
A skill you have already developed Ability
A group of related occupations Career Cluster
How many career clusters are there? 16
An objective that a person wants to obtain and works to achieve Goal
Work that a person does for payment and it could turn in to a career Job
A person's outlook on life, usually positive or negative Attitude
A set amount of income for a time period worked ( a week, two weeks, one month) Salary
Something that a person wants to learn more about Interest
The pride and length you take to do a good job Work Ethic
Purchasing manager, cashier, real estate agent, and hairdresser are all examples of what career cluster? Marketing
Biological scientist, chemical engineer, drafter, and robotics technician are all examples of what career cluster? Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Highway maintenance worker, postal mail carrier, water treatment operator, and city manager are all examples of what career cluster? Government & Public Administration
Ship captain, automotive mechanic, school bus driver, and airplane pilot are all examples of what career cluster? Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
Lawyer, security officer, firefighter, and police officer are all examples of what career cluster? Law, Public Safety & Security
Funeral director, child care worker, social worker, and counselor are all examples of what career cluster? Human Services
Credit analyst, accountant, bank teller, and insurance adjuster are all examples of what career cluster Finance
Pest controller, farm equipment mechanic, veterinarian, and grounds keeper are all examples of what career cluster? Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Mail clerk, receptionist, accountant, and human resources administrator are all examples of what career cluster? Business, Management & Administration
Help desk technician, webmaster, cable tv installer, and computer programmer are all examples of what career cluster? Information Technology
Nurse, pharmacist, surgeon, and dentist are all examples of what career cluster? Health Science
Hotel manager, chef, amusement park operator, and recreation are all examples of what career cluster? Hospitality & Tourism
School teacher, school principal, coach, and librarian are all examples of what career cluster? Education & Training
Roofer, electrician, plumber, and architect are all examples of what career cluster? Architecture & Construction
Radio announcer, photographer, jeweler, and writer are all examples of what career cluster? Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
A grouping of occupations or career specialties based on the fact that they require a set of common skills and knowledge for career success. There are 16 clusters. Career Clusters
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