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Pharmacopoeia II

Ch 10 Herbs that Regulate Blood

San Qi (Bai Yao) *** "3-7" (notoginseng root) (stop bleed) Stops bleeding and transforms blood stasis (and generates flesh), also for coronary artery Dz; Reduces swelling and alleviates pain (BEST for traumatic injuries); internal and topical
Pu Huang *** (Typha pollen, cattail pollen) (stop bleed) Stops bleeding (topically for traumatic injury); Invigorates blood and dispels blood stasis (esp for GYN/post-partum); Promotes urination
Qian Cao *** (madder/rubia root) (stop bleed) Cools the blood, stops bleeding (from heat in blood); Invigorates the blood, dispels blood stasis Caution w/cold SP/ST xu, blood xu, yin xu fire
Ai Ye *** "Moxa leaf" (mugwort leaf) (stop bleed) Warms the Womb and stops bleeding (like menstrual bleeding from xu cold), calms fetus; Disperses cold and alleviates pain; Eliminates dampness and stops itching CAUTION w/yin xu heat
Bai Mao Gen *** "White grass root" (Woolly grass, white grass) (stop bleed) Gentle herb; Cools the blood, stops bleeding; CLEARS HEAT, PROMOTES URINATION; Clears heat from ST and LU (for cough, or thirst in febrile Dz) CAUTION w/SP and ST xu cold
Xian He Cao *** "crane herb" (Agrimony) (also called fatigue grass) (stop bleed) Restrains leakage of blood and stops bleeding (in combination can be used for xu bleeding or heat); Alleviates diarrhea and dysenteric d/o; Kills parasites; Also for fatigue NOT for diarrhea from EPF
Bai Ji *** (bletilla rhizome) (stop bleed) Restrains leakage of blood and stops bleeding (esp LU/ST); Reduces swelling and generates flesh (often topically) Caution with with presence of EPF, or heat/fire toxin due to stringency
Chuan Xiong *** "Water plant" Szwchuan lovage root) Invigorates the blood and promotes movement of Qi; Expels wind and alleviates pain (for HA, dysmenorrhea, blood not nourishing sinews, etc); recently for angina and aneurism CAUTION w/ pregnancy, heavy menses. NOT for fire from yin xu
Dan Shen *** "Red Ginseng" (Salvia root) Invigorates blood and dispels stasis, alleviates pain (chest, abdomen, gyn); Clears heat and soothes irritability (insomnia or palpitations); cools blood, reduces abscesses; Nourishes the blood and calms spirit NOT for pregnancy or w/ Li Lu
Ji Xue Teng *** "Chicken blood vine" (Spatholobus root and vine) (invig blood) Promotes the movement of and tonifies blood; Invigorates the channels, collaterals, relaxes sinews NOT for Pt with heavy menses
Yan Hu Suo *** "Herbal Aleve" (Corydalis rhizome) Invigorates blood, promotes the movement of Qi, STRONGLY stops pain (abdominal, traumatic, chest, gyn) NOT during pregnancy (unless in exceptional circumstances)
Yu Jin *** "Constrained/depressed gold" (Curcuma tuber) Invigorates blood, stops pain, promotes movement of Qi, resolves constraint (moving but not harsh, for depression); Clears heat, cools blood; Clears HT, opens the orifices (anxiety, seizures, etc); Benefits the GB, reduces jaundice CAUTION with pregnancy
Yi Mu Cao *** "Benefits mother herb" (Leonorus, Chinese motherwort) Invigorates blood, dispels stasis (regulates menstruation, postpartum); Promotes urination, reduces swelling; Clears heat and resolves toxicity (itchy rashes...) NOT w/yin or blood xu, or during pregnancy
Chi Shao *** (Red peony root) Invigorates the blood, dispels blood stasis, stops pain (traumatic injury, early abscesses/boils, GYN like fibroids or dysmenorrhea); Clears heat and cools blood Caution w/cold from xu
Tao Ren *** "Peach kernel" (inside of peach pit) Breaks up blood stasis (strongly invigorates blood), for GYN, trauma, abdominal masses; moistens intestines for constipation; stops cough/wheezing (weak action) NOT w/blood xu, pregnancy, or loose stools
Hong Hua *** "Red flower" (Safflower, carthamus) Invigorates blood, dispels stasis, unblocks menses (historically for abortions), for unexpressed rashes, abdominal masses, GYN, trauma (sometimes too strong) NOT during pregnancy, or w/any bleeding related problems like hemorrhagic dz or peptic ulcers
E Zhu *** (curcuma rhizome) Breaks up blood stasis, promotes the movement of Qi, and alleviates pain (but harsh!); Dissolves accumulations, reduces food stagnation, alleviates pain NOT for pregnancy or excessive menstruation
San Leng *** "3 ridges/edges" (Burr reed rhizome) Forcefully breaks up blood stasis (HARSH), promotes the movement of Qi, alleviates pain; Dissolves accumulations (food stagnation) NOT in pregnancy, or excessive menstruation
Niu Xi *** "Ox knee" (Achyranthes root) Breaks up blood stasis, dispels blood stasis, unblocks menses; (when prepared) Tonifies LV, KD, strengthens sinews and bones, benefits joints (infertility, elderly pt); Induces downward movement of blood and fire (LYR, delivery); Clears DH in lower jiao
Chuan Niu Xi *** "Ox knee from Sichuan" (Cyathula root) Invigorates blood, unblocks menses; Expels wind, drains dampness NOT in pregnancy or w/excessive menses
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