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rad bio ch 33

radiation biology quiz 1 ch 33

Law of Bergonie and Tribondeau measures the radiosensitivity of cells
How are oxygen and radiosensitivity related? higher oxygenation means more free radicals resulting in radiosensitive cells.
How are cell growth and radiosensitivity related? increased proliferation means increased radiosensitivity
LET linear energy transfer – rate at which energy is transferred from ionizing radiation to tissue
RBE relative biologic effectiveness – amount of biologic damage caused by radiation
How are LET and RBE related? increased LET means increased RBE
Wr radiation weighting factor – amount of energy deposited varies based on the type of radiation used.
Wt tissue weighting factor – radiosensitivity will vary based on the type of tissue
Effective dose formula Wr X Wt X absorbed dose
Protraction a constant dose over a long period of time with a low exposure rate
Fractionation dose delivered in fractions over a long period of time
OER oxygen enhancement ratio – amount of dose needed to produce a given effect over the amount needed for the same effect in higher oxygen situations
How are LET and OER related? OER is higher with low LET
Threshold curve begins on the X or Y axis
Nonthreshhold curve begins at zero
Nonlinear curve sigmoid
What type of response is expected with a linear threshold curve? none
What effects are seen with nonlinear threshold curves? skin effects, erythema and radiation induced death
What response is expected with a nonlinear nonthreshhold curve? large response with low dose
What effects are seen with a linear nonthreshhold curve? radiation induced cancers, genetic effects, leukemia
Which curve is used for radiation protection guidelines? linear nonthreshhold
What does the X axis represent for radiation curves? dose
What does the Y axis represent for radiation curves? response
Roentgen radiation exposure in air
RAD radiation absorbed dose – dose absorbed by the patient
REM radiation equivalent man – occupational exposure (millirem)
How are RBE, OER and weight related? inc. RBE, inc. weight means inc. damage and dec. OER
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