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Humanities Rococo

Humanities 2 Rococo Period

Vierzehnheiligen Pilgrim Church Neumann, rococo, joy and excitement (German rococo).
Deception Unmasked Quierolo, rococo, angel is relieving him of his sins and stress (net).
George Washington Houdon, neoclassical, every person has different sides and he is a citizen just like everyone else.
Pastoral Scene Boucher, rococo, how deeply in love they are, creates a fantasy world for the aristocracy.
Love Letters Fragonard, rococo, love is a distraction to escape from the world.
Death of Marat David, neoclassical, revolutionary propaganda, he was a martyr for the cause.
Haymaker and Sleeping Girl Gainsborough, rococo, division of classes.
Oath of the Horatii David, neoclassical, oath to die for one's country, looked at roman antiquity.
Pauline Bonaparte Borghese as Venus Victorious Canova, neoclassical, typical style for a tomb, but because it is venus, love triumphs over death.
Pilgrimage to Cythera Watteau, rococo, escaping to an island of love.
"Shortly after the Marriage" Hogarth, neoclassical, married couple (unhappily) with chairs strewn about and bills on the ground.
The Immaculate Conception Tiepolo, rococo, religious, she has conquered sin (snake, halo).
Three Ladies Adorning a Term of Hymen Reynolds, neoclassical, draws illusions between them and the three graces (family and marriage).
Salon de la Princesse Boffrand, rococo, to deceive you to make you think things are good.
Napoleon Crossing the Alps David, neoclassical, powerful leader - calm, in control, serene.
Anna Sofia d'Este Carriera, rococo, pastel shows soft lines, flattering picture to distract.
Diana Leaving the Bath Boucher, rococo, diana not being a goddess, just being normal.
The Swing Fragonard, rococo, carefree.
Created by: Matti
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