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Rad Pro 3

Week #3 Pathology

What is a cogential condition where the posterior aspects of the vertebra fail to develop, causing the spinal cord to be exposed? spina bifida
Where does spine bifida mostly occur? L5
What is foward movement of 1 vertebrae in relation to another? spondylolisthesis
Where does spondylolisthesis mostly occur? L5-S1
What is lack of development of the vertebral arch and seperation of the pars interarticularis? spondylolysis
What is it when on an OBL radiograph when it appears the dogs neck is broken? spondylolysis
What three ways can health records be stored as? hard copy, microfilm, and computerized format
What does corporate liability requires the hospital or health care entity be held responsible for? quality of care delivered to its customers (pts)
Helath information departments are considered to be ______ ______ departments support services
What three things should be included for a radiograph portfolio? pathology, markers, and anatomy of the part in question
______ process by which the beam is reduced in energy when passing through matter. attenuation
______ difference between adjacent densities on a radiograph. contrast
_____ misrepresentation of an objects true size or shape. distortion
_____ device consisting of lead strips which permits primary radiation to pass while absorbing scatter radiation. grids
_____ amount of filtration necessary to reduce the intensity of the radiation beam to 1/2 its origianl value; measures beam quality. 1/2 value layer
____ layer of luminescent crystals placed inside a cassette to expose film more efficently while reducing pt dose. intensifying screen
____measure of the potential difference; controls the quantity and quality of photons produced in the tube. kV
______ controls the quantity of photons produced in the tube. mA
____ ability of the beam to pass through an object; which is controlled by ______ penetrability, kV
_____ is the fuzzy border of an object penumbra; focal spot blur
______ representation of an objects true border detail/ resolution
______ true border of an object umbra
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