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Medical Principles

Brain - Centre of the nervous system Controls body functions
Skin – Skin Outer protective cover of the body
Spleen - Lymphatic system Lies on underside of stomach. Produces antibodies / acts as a defence mechanism and controls the volume of blood circulating
Liver - Digestive system Factory of the body. Breaks down toxins
Oesophagus - Digestive system Gullet/food pipe. Transports food from throat to stomach
Stomach - Digestive system Receives food
(Duodenum, Jejunum and Ileum) - Digestive system Small intestine, Long tube from stomach to colon where digestion is completed and most absorption takes place
Colon - Digestive system Large intestine/Absorbs water and manufactures faeces
Pancreas - Digestive system /Endocrine system Gland below the stomach in the curve of the duodenum which produces insulin and pancreatic juice
Gall bladder - Digestive system Lies on underside of liver. Concentrates and stores bile for excretion into duodenum to aid digestion
Pharynx - Respiratory system / digestive system Throat
Larynx - Respiratory system Voice box (forms Adam’s Apple in the male)
Trachea - Respiratory system Wind pipe takes air to and from the lungs
Bronchus - Respiratory system Large airway passages transporting air into the lungs
Lungs - Respiratory system 2 organs lying in the chest in which the exchange of gasses takes place during breathing
Heart - Cardio-vascular system Muscular pump lying between the lungs which pumps to circulate blood around the body.
Aorta - Cardio-vascular system Main artery of the body. Carries oxygenated blood from the heart to the body
Superior Vena cava / Inferior Vena Cava - Cardio-vascular Main veins. Carry deoxygenated blood from the body back to the heart
Arteries - Cardio-vascular system Blood vessels which usually carry oxygenated blood away from the heart and around the body
Veins - Cardio-vascular system Blood vessels which usually carry de-oxygenated blood back to the heart
Kidneys - Urinary system The 2 organs in the body that produce urine
Ureters - Urinary system The tubes that connect the kidneys to bladder
Bladder - Urinary system The organ that holds urine prior to its excretion from the body
Urethra - Urinary system/male reproductive system Tube which carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body
Ovaries - Female reproductive system Female organs that produce eggs and hormones
Fallopian/ uterine tubes - Female reproductive system 2 tubes
Uterus - Female reproductive system Womb. Organ where the fetus grows
Vagina - Female reproductive system Birth canal. Organ which connects the womb to the outside of the body
Mammary glands - Female reproductive system Breasts. 2 organs situated at the front of the chest which produce milk to feed the newborn baby
Vulva - Female reproductive system External genitalia of the female
Penis - Male reproductive system Male organ through which the urethra passes
Prostate Gland - Male reproductive system Male gland
Scrotum - Male reproductive system Sac of skin lying outside of the body which contains the testes
Testes - Male reproductive system Male sex glands which lie in the scrotum and produce sperm and testosterone
Epididymes - Male reproductive system Male glands which lie above the testes allows sperm to become mature and mobile
Vas Deferens - Male reproductive system Tube through which sperm passes to be ejaculated from the body
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