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Drug Clasifications

Medical Principles

Anaesthetic Drug for removal of feeling
Analgesic Drug for relief of pain
Antacid A substance which neutralises stomach acid
Antibiotic Drug which kills bacteria
Anticoagulant Drug which reduces clotting
Antidepressant Drug which lifts the patient’s mood
Anti-emetic Drug which reduces nausea
Antihistamine Drug which blocks some of the effects of histamine. Used to treat allergies
Antihypertensive Drug which reduces blood pressure
Anti-inflammatory Drug which reduces inflammation
Antipyretic Drug which reduces fever
Antitussic Drug which reduces coughing
Bronchodilator Drug which dilates the bronchial tubes Used in the treatment of asthma
Chemotherapy Toxic drugs which kill malignant cells
Contraceptive Drug which prevents conception
Decongestant Drug which relieves congestion of mucous membranes
Diuretic Drug which increases the production of urine
Expectorant Liquid form of drug which encourages coughing up of secretions from the respiratory tract
Hypnotic Drug used to induce natural sleep
Miotic Drug used to constrict the pupil of the eye
Narcotic Drug derived from opium which will induce deep sleep
Prophylactic A substance used to prevent disease
Proton pump inhibitor Drugs which inhibit the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach
Sedatives Drugs which lower function
Steroids Drugs containing hormones
Statins Drug used to lower cholesterol levels in the blood
Tranquilliser Drug which reduces anxiety
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