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Oper Manag Ch9Quiz

True or False? The importance of quality cannot be overstated; two key elements of every purchasing decision are price and quality. True
True or False? Prevention costs are considered a cost of quality. True
True or false? Warranties and rework are internal cost of quality. False
True or false? Consistency is ability to provide the same level of good quality repeatedly. True
True or false? ISO certification is a requirement of companies that operate in the US. False
True or false? The term quality at the source refers to supplier quality. False
True or false? It is important to tie Six Sigma projects to organizational strategy. True
True or false? Lean/Six Sigma is an approach to quality that requires minimal (lean) resources to achieve results. False
True or false? The term Kaizen is associated with continuous improvement. True
True or false? SERVQUAL is a tool used to assess service quality. True
True or false? A Pareto analysis is based on that one or few factors account for a disproportionate share of problems. True
True or false? ISO 14000 relates to environmental standards. True
Which one of these is a framework for problem solving and improvement activities? ISO, PDSA, ROQ, or SERVQUAL. PDSA
Which one of these is not considered a determinant of quality? Customer surveys, ease of use, service after delivery, design, or conformance to design. Customer surveys
The name is associated with the fishbone diagram is: Ishikawa
The letters are ROQ relate to: Assessing the financial return of investments in quality.
Which person is credited with the development of control charts for quality? Shewhart
The name is associated with the 14 points is: Deming
The name associated with the phrase "Quality is Free" is: Crosby
Which name is associated with saying that quality is management's responsibility? Deming
ISO 24700 is most closely related to: Reused office equipment
Although closely associated with quality, this name is not on the list of quality gurus. Baldrige
The quality tool that plots the number of quality problems over time is: Run chart
The term visionary leadership is most closely related to: Baldrige core values and concepts.
Created by: Rika78
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