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GED World History

Missouri GED Online, Social Studies Vocabulary

Homo sapiens The term used to identify human beings
civilization An advanced state of human living in which people have cities and an organzied government
medieval another term used for the Middle Ages
revolution the overthrow of a ruler or government by the governed
Vassal a lord who owed military services and loyalty to a higher lord
nationalism the desire of a certain group of people to have their own nation
city-states independent cities with their own governments and laws
urbanization the movement of people in large numbers from rural to areas to cities
protectorate a weak country controlled by a stronger one
colonization the act of one country taking over direct control of another
imperialism the total domination of one country by another
alliance an agreement between or among nations to come to the aid of an ally if that ally is attacked
armistice a temporary halt to hostilities
ethnic cleansing widespread murder ment to elimanate certain ethnic groups