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Wise Choices in Writing: Psychology for Sucess

True or False: The four components in the writing process are: prewriting, writing, revising, and editing. True
True or False: Prewriting is also called mapping. False: Prewriting is also called invention.
Which two activities are included in prewriting? A. Collecting and Evaluating B. Rehearsing and Organizing C. Collecting and Organizing D. Evaluating and Rehearsing C. Collecting and Organizing
True or False: Writing is also called drafting. True
True or False: After the first draft is completed, the writing is done. False: The first draft is only the result of the first step in writing.
True or False: Experienced writers often spend as much (or even more) time revising as they took planning and writing their first draft. True
True or False: Revising and editing are synonyms. False: Revising is to clean up any unclearness that may be in your paper. Editing is to fix grammar and spelling errors.
The purpose of your paper is to inform, _________, or ___________ your intended audience. Persuade, entertain
Which of the following statements is a positive affirmation about writing? A. I use all the of the writing process to express my ideas clearly and effectively. B. I like writing, so this will be easy C. My professor will give me a good grade A. I use all the of the writing process to express my ideas clearly and effectively.
_______ ___________ are used to arouse your curiosity to motivate you. Focus questions
Which is an example of a focus question? A. What did women in 1921 do for fun? B. How fast can I do this assignment? C. The biggest domestic cat is the Maine Coon D. What will I eat for dinner? A. What did women in 1921 do for fun?
_______ _______ are useful when grouping your notes for prewriting. Note cards
A _________ __________ is a group of interested well-educated readers who know little or nothing about the topic. General Audience
Which two elements make up a thesis? A. Topic and Claim B. Topic and Plan C. Plan and Claim D. Claim and Concept A. Topic and Claim
The _______ is what you're writing about, and the ______ is what you make about the topic. Topic, claim
An _______ __________ shows a good way to assemble the parts of an essay. Essay blueprint
The ______ is the beginning of your essay that catches the reader's attention. Hook
What follows your hook? A. Thesis statement B. Body paragraph C. Agenda D. Conclusion A. Thesis statement
Give an example of a transition. By exercising regularly, you'll improve your overall health.
A transition should go A. At the end of a paragraph B. At the beginning of a paragraph C. At the end of your paper D. No transition is needed B. At the beginning of a paragraph
What should you do after finishing the writing process? Set your writing aside for a couple of day then go back with fresh eyes to revise and edit again.
Created by: etaylor6