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Pharmacopoeia II

Ch 9 Herbs that regulate Qi

Chen Pi *** "old skin" (aged tangerine peel) Promotes flow of Qi: Regulates Qi, adjusts the middle, relieves the diaphragm; Dries dampness and transforms phlegm; Helps prevent stagnation NOT for dry cough with qi/yin xu, caution with excess heat and longterm use (injure yuan qi)
Qing Pi *** (unripe tangerine peel) Spreads LV Qi, breaks up stagnant Qi, directs Qi downward; Dissipates clumps and reduces stagnation, harmonizes ST CAUTION with Qi xu (dispersing), taken before bed may interfere w/sleeping
Zhi Shi *** "orange fruit" (unripe bitter orange) Breaks up stagnant Qi and reduces accumulation; Transforms phlegm and expels focal distention, unblocks plugs; Used w/qi-tonifying herbs for gastriectasis, gastroptosis, rectal or uterine prolapse, also to raise blood pressure
Zhi Ke (Qiao) *** (bitter orange) Promotes the flow of Qi, unblocks plugs CAUTION during pregnancy
Xiang Fu *** "aromatic attachment/affection" (cyperus, nut-grass rhizome) Spreads and regulates LV Qi, promotes flow in ST channel; Regulates menstruation, alleviates pain NOT with qi xu w/out stagnation, or with yin xu empty heat, or heat in the blood
Mu Xiang *** "wood aromatic" (aucklandia, costus root) Promotes the movement of Q, stops pain; Adjusts and regulates stagnant qi in the intestines; Strengthens the SP, prevents stagnation CAUTION with depleted fluids, yin xu, or blazing fire
Wu Yao *** "black medicine" (Lindera root) Promotes smooth flow of Qi, alleviates pain (bulging d/o and dysmenorrhea), disperse cold; Warms KD (for KD yang) NOT for Qi or blood xu or internal heat
Chuan Lian Zi *** "Mountain connection seed" (toosendan fruit, Sichuan pagoda tree berry) Dregdes LV Qi, releases constraint, STOPS PAIN (from LV stag or LV-ST disharmony), and conducts heat out from below; Kills parasites and stops pain NOT for SP/ST xu cold, or longterm use
Da Fu Pi ** "Big Belly Skin" (areca husk/peel) Drives Qi downward and eases the middle (for difficult BM with Qi stag + damp), disperses formless Qi obstruction; promotes urination, REDUCES EDEMA CAUTION during pregnancy
Chen Xiang ** "sinking aroma" (aquaria wood, aloes wood) Promotes movement of Qi and alleviates pain; Directs rebellious Qi downward and regulates the middle (for belching, hiccough, vomiting, morning sickness); AIDS THE KD in grasping the Qi (for cough and wheezing from KD xu)
Tan Xiang ** (sandalwood) 2-5g unblocks qi stagnation in the chest, promotes movement of Qi, alleviates pain; settles belching and nausea NOT when there is fire or significant yin xu
Xie Bai ** "white garlic" (Chinese garlic/chives) Unblocks the yang Qi and disperses turbid phlegm (unbinds congealed constraint); Directs Qi downward and reduces stagnation; warms, drains, and benefits the orifices NOT for Qi xu, weak ST, and intolerance of garlic & onions
Fo Shou ** "Buddha's Hand" (finger citron fruit) (MILD) Spreads and regulates the LV Qi; Harmonizes the ST and strengthens the SP (HARMONIZES MIDDLE); Transforms phlegm and stops cough CAUTION with yin xu fire
Xiang Yuan ** (Citron) (Mild) Promotes the movement of Qi, awakens the SP, eases the middle; Dredges and regulates LV Qi and stops pain (stops nausea, restores appetite); Directs downward and drains as a means of reducing phlegm and stopping cough
Mei Gui Hua ** (rosebud) 1.5-6g (MILD) Promotes the movement of Qi and relieves constraint; Promotes movement of Qi, harmonizes the blood, and disperses stasis (for irregular menses)
Zi Su Geng ** "purple (family name) stem" (Perilla stem) Promotes flow of Qi, expands the chest, benefits the diaphragm; Calms the fetus and stops vomiting, harmonizes the middle
Li Zhi He ** "leechee nut" Disperses cold and stagnation and stops pain (in groin/testicles due to cold in LV channel); Regulates Qi and stops pain (obstruction in LV channel)
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