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Chapter 15

Hairstyling pt. 1

back-brushing technique used to build a soft cushion or mesh two or more curl patterns together for a uniform and smooth comb-out
back-combing combing small sections of hair from the ends toward the scalp, causing shorter hair to mat at the scalp and form a cushion or bace
barrel curls pin curls with large center openings, fastened to the head in a standing position on a rectangular base
base stationary, or nonmoving, foundation of a pin curl, which is the area closest to the scalp
blow-drying styling technique of drying and styling damp hair in a single operation
carved curls pin curls sliced from a shaping and formed without lifting the hair from the head
cascade or stand-up curls pin curls fastened to the head in a standing position to allow the hair to flow upward and then downward
circle the part of the pin curl that forms a complete circle
closed-center curls pin curls that produce waves that get smaller towrd the end
curl hair that is wrapped around the roller
concentrator nozzle attachment of a blow-dryer
double press techneique of passing a hot curling iron trought the hair before performing a hard press
end curls used to give a finished apperance to hair ends either turned under or over
finger waving process of shaping and directing the hair into a pattern of "S"-shaped waves through the use of the fingers, combs, and waving lotion
finishing spray hairspray used to lock in a style after completion
foam or mousse a light, airy, whipped styling product that resembles shaving foam and builds moderate body and volume into the hair
full-base curls thermal curls that sit in the center of their base
full-stem curl curl placed cmpletely off the base
gel thickened styling preparation that comes in a tube or bottle and has a strong hold
hair pressing method of temporarily straightening extremely curly or unruly hair by means of a heated iron or comb
hair spray a styling product applied in the form of a mist to hold a style in position
hair wrapping a technique used to keep curly hair smooth and straight
half base possition of a curl or a roller one-half off its base
half-base curls thermal curls placed half off there base
half-stem curl curl placed half off the base
hard press technique that removes 100 percent of the curl by applying the pressing comb twice on each side of the hair
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