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VOP chapter 1&3

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Proffessional association dedicated to advancing the field of veterinary medicine and all of its related aspects
Cross- Training to learn other staff members duties so that you can perform their jobs if needed
Procedures Manual "how to" information
Medical Records *important documents *confidentiality *detailed description *no erase, scratching out
Signalment examination history (age, sex, breed, and so on)
SOAP Subjective Objective Assessment Procedure
Records Purge 7 years if patient has passed or moved away
Logbooks hard copies record-keeping has patient med. info and history
Controlled Substance Logbook *required by law *acc. of substance *alerting the vet of human drug abuse *falsifying = federal offense
Salary don't talk about salary, hourly pay, or benefits with other staff
Discharge *clear follow-up when patient leaves hospital *follow- up instructions *test results,surgical finding
Vaccination Certificates each time an animal has received an inoculation
Health Certificates transport of an animal
Neuter or Spay Certificate *prove that the animal is no longer sexually intact *some states make it mandatory
Veterinary Technician works very closely with the vet in providing medical care
Controlled Substance Logbook Include (List) 1. drug dispensed 2. date, clients, name 3. amount dispensed and amount remaining 4. name of vet authorizing the meds 5. the individual handing the meds
Personal Manuel addressing issues, dress code, vacation, sick leave, and so on
Anesthesia Record Sheet time, how much, who gave it, name of surgeon and anesthetist, heart rates, oxygen and so on
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