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Chapter 2/3 SIGNS

Chapter 3 SIGNS

Marble Bone Osteopetrosis
Talipes Club foot
Cotton Balls in Apices Tuberculosis
worm eaten appearance on long bones Tuberculosis
Bamboo Spine Ankylosing Spondylitis (Marie Strumplell disease)
Sponge like bone appearance osteomalacia
cotton wool Pagets disease
Large sella turcica Acromegaly
broken scotty dog neck whiplash
soap bubble appearance Giant Cell Tumur / Osteoclastoma
Sunburst appearance Osteosaracoma
Onion skin or laminated appearance Ewings Sarcoma
Barrel chest deformity and clubbing of fingers cystic fibrosis
Ground glass appearance with severe atelectasis with air-bronchogram sign Hyaline Membrane disease
Thrives in warm moist areas and can be transmitted through heating and cooling systems Legionnaires disease (Legionella Pneumonphila)
Increased bronchovascular markings and tram lines Bronchiectasis
Millet seeds Miliary Tuberculosis
Hyperinflation of lungs on CXR Emphysema
thrives in semiarid soil in SW and Mexico. Spores are wind blown Coccidiodomycosis
usually obtained on farms in the Ohio/Mississippi valley Histoplasmosis (Pharaoh's Curse)
blunting of costophrenic angles pleural effusion
snow storm Thyroid Mets
coin lesion Bronchogenic carcinoma from smoking
Created by: rachelreilly