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WCHS Health Chapter 29

Air pollution The contamination of the earth's atmoshpere by substances that pose a health threat to living things
Air Quality Index (AQI) developed by the EPA, is an index for reporting daily air quality
asbestos a fibrous mineral that has fireproof properties
radon an odorless, radioactive gas, causes lung cancer
noise pollution harmful and unwanted sound of sufficient intensity to damage hearing
decibel a un;it used to express the relative intensity of loudness of sound
biodegradable able to be broken down by microorganisms in the environment
hazardous waste a substance that is explosive, corrosive, highly reactive, or toxic to humans or other life forms
conservation the protection and preseration of the envionment by managing natural resources to prevent abuse, destruction and neglect.
precycling reducing waste before it is generated
recycling the processing of waste materials so that they can be used again
landfill an area that has been safeguarded to prevent disposed wastes from contaminating groundwater
deforestation destruction of forests, upsets fragile balance of nature.
urban sprawl the spreading of city development (houses, shopping centers, businesses, and schools) onto undeveloped land
Wastewater used water that comes from homes, communities, farms, and businesses, another source of water pollution
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