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WCHS Health Chapter 3

Health consumer anyone who purchases or uses health products or services
media the various mentods of communicating information
advertising a written or spoken media message designed to interest consumers in purchasing a product or service
Comparison Shipping a method of judging the benefits of different products by comparing seveal factors, such as quality, features, and cost
warranty a company's or store's written agreement to repair a product or refund your money should the product not function properly
online shopping using the internet to buy products and services
health care system all the medical care available to a nation's people, the way they receive care, and the method of payment
primary care physicians medical doctors who provide physical checkups and general care as well as school nurses and dentists
specialist medical doctors trained to handle particular kinds of patients or medical conditions
preventive care actions that prevent the onset of disease or injury
health insureance a plan in which private companies or government programs pay for part or all of a person's medical costs
medical history complete and comprehensive information about your immunizations and any health problems you have had to date
health fraud the sale of worthless products or services that claim to prevent diseases or cure other health problems
malpractice failure by a health professional to meet accepted standards
consumer advocates people or groups whose sole purpose is to take on regional, national, and even international consumer issues
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