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KAP Study Guide

2016 study guide

Name the founders of K.A.P. Elder Watson Diggs, Dr. Byron Kenneth Armstrong Dr. Ezra Dee Alexander , Henry Tourner Asher, Dr. Marcus Peter Blakemoore, Paul Waymond Caine George Wesley Edmonds, Dr. Guy Levis Grant, Edward Giles Irvin, and John Milton Lee
What is the fundamental purpose of the Fraternity? Achievement
What type of fraternity is Kappa Alpha Psi? A social fraternity
When was the fraternity founded? January 5, 1911
Where was the fraternity founded Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana
What was the original name of the fraternity? Kappa Alpha Nu
When was the fraternity incorporated? May 15, 1911
When did the fraternity change the name to Kappa Alpha Psi April 15, 1915
Who was the first Grand Polemarch Elder Watson Diggs
What is Kappa Alpha Psi's official flower? A carnation with a crimson tint
What are the official colors of the fraternity? Crimson and Cream
What is the address of K.A.P HQ? 2322-24 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19132-4590
Phone # / Fax # for H.Q Voice (215) 228-­‐7184 Fax (215) 228-­‐7181
A Alpha
B Beta
Γ Gamma
Η Eta
Θ Theta
Λ Lamda
M Mu
Ξ Xi ( Zee)
P Rho
Σ Sigma
Υ Upsilon
Φ Phi
Χ Chi
Ψ Psi
Ω Omega
Δ Delta
Ε Epsilon
Z Zeta
H Eta
I Iota
K Kappa
N Nu
O Omicron
Π Pi
Who was awarded the Fraternity's firs' t Laurel Wreath in December, 1924. Elder Watson Diggs
This Founder received his M.D. degree from the Medical School of Indiana University in 1919. Ezra D. Alexander
This Founder went to th Dental School of the University of Pittsburgh, from which he he graduated in 1923. Marcus Peter Blakemore
This founde's battery enjoys the unique distinction of having been the first Battery of Negro Artillerymen ever to open fire upon an enemy John Milton Lee
This founder was a journalist Edward Giles Irvin
The highest award of the Fraternity available exclusively to non-­‐alumni members for outstanding academic achievements is named after this founder? Byron L. Armstrong
In 1920 this founder received the D.D.S. degree from Indiana Dental School He practiced dentistry in Indianapolis Guy Levis Grant
This founder was an attorney, and received the degree of LL.B. at the Detroit College of Law in 1928. Henry T Asher
This founder had to leave school and work in the coal mines to take care of his family when his father died. George W. Edmonds
This founder had his own catering company , and his own dry cleaning business. He died in a gas fire. Paul Waymond Caine
These two founders completed the ritual of K.A.Psi Diggs and Armstrong
These founders completed the design of the Coat of Arms for K.A.Psi Diggs, Armstrong, and Lee
These two founders were Dentist Guy Levis Grant , and Marcus Peter Blakemore
Alpha Chapter Indian University
Beta Chapter University of Illinois , February 8, 1913
Gamma Chapter University of Iowa (1914)
Delta Chapter Wilberforce University (1915)
Epsilon Chapter Lincoln University ( December 4, 1915)
Zeta Chapter Ohio State University (1915)
Eta Chapter University of Nebraska (1916)
Theta Chapter Northwestern University (1917)
Iota Chapter University of Chicago (1918)
Kappa Chapter Meharry Medical College
The first objective of K.A.Psi To unite college men of culture, patriotism and honor in a bond of fraternity
The 2nd Objective of K.A.Psi To encourage honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor
The 3rd Objective of K.A.Psi To promote the spiritual, social, intellectual, and moral welfare of members
The 4th Objective of K.A.Psi To assist the aims and purpose of colleges and universities
The fifth Objective of K.A.Psi To inspire service in the public interest
What is the purpose of the code of conducts? To inform about the illegalness of hazing and the Fraternities penalties for participating.
Grand Board of Directors Manages the affairs of the fraternity
Executive Committe Operates fraternity for the Grand B.o.D
Executive Director COO of Fraternity, manages I.HQ staff
List National Officers 3 Grand Polemarchs, Grand Keep of Rec. and Excheq., Grand Historian, Grand Strat. , Grand Lt Strat., Grand chp Nom. Comm chair, 3 Grand B.o.d Alum/ Undgrad
Who is the Grand Polemarch Thomas L Battle Jr
who is the Sr. Grand Vice Polemarch Reuben A Shelton III , esq
Who is the Jr. Grand Vice Polemarch Chastin L Gammage
Grand Keeper of Records & Exchequer Chester Leaks
Who is C Rodger Wilson 16th Grand Polemarch, 19th Laurel Wreath winner
Which 3 positions at the Grand Board, and Province are only for Undergrades? Jr. Grand/Prov Vice Polemarch, Grand/Prov Strategus and Lt. Strategus
What are the Governing Documents of the Fraternity? The Constitution and the Statutes
What is the Constitution ? The Fundamental rules of the fraternity
What are the statues The current laws of he fraternity
What are the 3 Levels of the Fraternity structure? The National , the Province, and the Chapter
Created by: plutond1st