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Pharmacopoeia II

Ch 8 Herbs that Relieve Food Stagnation

Shan Zha "Mountain plant" (Hawthorn fruit) Reduces food stagnation, accumulations (esp. greasy and meats); Transforms blood stasis, dissipates clumps (invigorates blood and stops pain); stops diarrhea (dry-fried/charred); Also for hypertension, coronary artery disease, and elevated cholesterol
Shen Qu "divine leaven" (medicated leaven, fermented from many plants Reduces food stagnation, harmonizes the ST (esp w/starches and cold); Added to pills that contain minerals to aid in digestion/absorption
Mai Ya (Barley sprouts, malt) Reduces food stagnation, strengthens ST (esp starches), also for poor digestion in infants; Restrains lactation (30-120g); facilitates smooth flow of LV Qi (w/LV-SP disharmony). Dry fried is milder
Gu Ya "grain sprouts" (either as sprouted millet or rice) Reduces food stagnation, strengthens ST, esp. for starches, or w/weak digestion or appetite (more mild, better for children or elderly)
Lai Fu Zi (radish seeds) Reduces food stag, eliminates distention; Causes Qi to descend, reduces phlegm (productive cough); reduces hypertension. STRONGLY breaks up food stag
Ji Nei Jin (lining of chicken gizzard) STRONGLY reduces food stag, improves the SP's transportive fx; Secures the essence, stops enuresis; Transforms hardness, dissolves stones (KD or GB stones)
Created by: Nyssab