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Pharmacopoeia II

Ch 7 Herbs that

Cang Zhu (Atractylodis Rhizoma) Strongly dries damp, strengthens SP, for dampness obstructing middle; Induces sweating, dispels WD EPF; Clears dampness from lower jiao, Leg-Qi (vaginal discharge, joint pain); Also to improve vision (night blindness)
Hou Po (magnolia bark) Main herb for fullness/distension of middle jiao or chest! Promotes movement of Qi in the middle burner, resolves stagnation, dries dampness, transforms phlegm (SP, ST); Directs qi downward, reduces phlegm, calms wheezing (LU)
Huo Xiang “fragrant plant” (above-ground part of plant. patchouli, pogostemon most common, or sometimes agastache) Aromatically transforms dampness, releases the exterior, dispels summerheat (great for sudden turmoil d/o and food poisoning); harmonizes the middle jiao, stops vomiting; Treats dermatosis on hands and feet (dermatitis w/o inflammation)
Pei Lan “admired orchid” (eupatorium, above ground part of plant) Aromatically transforms dampness, awakens the SP, and regulates middle jiao, with DH in SP channel; Transforms dampness, releases summerheat. Milder than Huo Xiang but often used together
Sha Ren “sand kernel/nut” (amomum fruit/ grains of paradise fruit) Promotes the movement of qi, transforms dampness, streangthens the SP; Warms the middle, stops diarrhea (from cold w/SP yang xu); calms the fetus (appropriate with signs of cold in interior); used in formulas to prevent stagnation
Bai Dou Kou “white cardamom” (cardamom cluster) Promotes the movement of qi, transforms dampness, strengthens the ST; Warms the middle jiao, causes rebellious qi to descend; helps open chest for LU qi stagnation
Cao Dou Kou “cardamom grass” (Katsumada’s galandal seeds) Dries dampness and warms the middle for C-D of SP, ST w/fullness, distention, and pain of epigastrium or abdomen with vomiting and/or diarrhea
Cao Guo “fruit grass” (Tsaoko fruit) Strongly dries dampness, strongly disperses cold (most warming & drying of ch 7), for obstruction of middle jiao with C-D for vomiting or diarrhea; Checks malarial d/o (intermittent fever and chills, with strong internal cold Sx)
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