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Stack #196926

Apex High Bands Final Words

Musical TermDefinition
Time Signature How many beats per measure, and what kind of note gets the beat.
Key Signature Indicates the tonality of the song.
Sharp Raises a note up a half step.
Flat Lowers a note down a half step.
Natural Cancels a flat or sharp
Tie a line connecting two or more notes of the same pitch.
Slur a line over or under a series of notes(phrase)(passage).
Poco a Poco Little by Little
Crescendo To smoothly increase the volume of a note or phrase.
Decrescendo To smoothly decrese the volume of a note or phrase.
Ascend To move upward in direction.
Descend to move downward in direction.
Pianissimo The quietest, softest dynamic marking.
Piano A soft, quiet dynamic marking.
Mezzo-Piano A medium soft dynamic marking.
Mezzo-Forte a medium loud dynamic marking.
Forte a loud dynamic marking.
Fortissimo A very loud dynamic marking.
Accelerando a gradual increase in tempo.
Leggiero Light. In a swift, delicate manner.
Dolce Played in a Sweet, Soft manner.
Tutti When all instruments play together.
Solo One player alone.
Da capo A directive to return to the begining of a song or composition.
Dal Segno a directive to repeat a specific section of a song.
Coda To play the end of a song.
Fine an indication of where the song ends.
Fermata To sustain a note as long as the conductor allows.
Accent A sharp attack to a note.
Staccato Played in a light, seperated, detached manner or articulation.
Legato Played in a smooth, connected style of articulation.
Picardy 3rd When a minor key song ends with a major chord. Accomplished by raising the last chord's third scale degree up one half step.
A tempo Original tempo
L'istesso Tempo the same tempo
Tempo Primo main tempo
Allegro a fast tempo. Quarter note 120-168.
Andante a moderately slow tempo. Quarter note 76-108.
Adagio a slow tempo. Quarter note 66-76.
Largo Very slow tempo. Quarter note 40-60.
Presto Very fast tempo. Quarter note 200 up.
vicace a lively, brisk tempo. Quarter note 168.
Piu More
Molto Very much of
Intervial The distance between two notes. In therms of pitch.
Rallentando a quick slowdown in tempo
Ritardando an deven slowdown in tempo
Forte-Piano Start forte, quickly diminish to piano.
Unison Two or more instruments playing the same pitches.
Consonance notes that sound sweet or pleasing together.
Dissonance notes that do not sound sweet or pleasing together.
suspension a note held within a chord that pushes for resolution.
Timbre Quality of sound. The component of a tone that makes an instrument sound unique to other instruments.
Created by: willclassof11