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Characteristics combination of type, appearance, disposition & behavior.3
Chiseled – clean cut, showing bone structure of face
Chops – jowls or pendulous flesh of the lips and jaw
Cloddy – thickset, comparatively heavy
Coarse – lacking refinement
Coat – the hairy outer covering of the skin. Many breeds have two coats, and outer and an undercoat.
Cobby – short-bodied, compact
Collar – marking around the neck, usually white
Compact – closely put together, not rangy. Neat
Condition – health as shown by the body, coat, general appearance and deportment. Denoting overall fitness
Conformation – the form and structure, physique
Conjunctiva – thin membrane lining the inner surface of eyelids and reflected over eyeball
Corkscrew tail – twisted tail, not straight
Crabbing – dog moves with body at an angle to the line of travel
Crank tail – sharply bent or angled tail
Crest – 1. Upper, arched portion of the neck. 2. Hair starting at stop on head and tapering off down neck
Crown – 1. Highest part of the head 2. Circular formations of hair at front of ridge as on the Rhodesian Ridgeback
Cryptorchid – male dog without testicles fully descended into the scrotum
Dentintion – the number and arrangement of teeth. The total number of teeth is forty two, made up of – upper jaw, six incisors, two canines (eye teeth), eight premolars and four molars -lower jaw, six incisors, two canines, eight premolars and six molars
Dewclaw – first digit on the inside of pastern. Most breeds do not have rear dewclaws but some breeds require double rear dew claws.
Dewlap – loose, pendulous skin under the throat
Dish-faced – when the nasal bone is so formed that the nose is higher at the tip than at the stop’ or, a slight concavity of the line from the stop to the nose tip
Dock – to shorten the tail
Down on Pastern – weak or faulty pastern set at an exaggerated angle from the vertical
Drive – powerful thrusting of the hindquarters denoting sound locomotion
DRY – the skin smooth, neither loose nor wrinkled.
Created by: Naruto88