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Mod/Assign 1/Opt 2

Wise Choices in College "Taking Notes"

True or False 1st year college students only capture 11% of the critical ideas while taking "in class notes." True
True or False While taking "in class" notes it's easier to identify key concepts, main ideas and supporting details. False It is easier to do this when taking notes from a text book.
True or False The goal of taking notes in class is to capture a word-for-word transcript of what the speaker says. False The goal is to collect key concepts, main ideas, and supporting details.
True or False The key to academic success is effective note taking. True
True or False You determine your success by taking personal responsibility, learning good note taking skills and learning to work around obstacles. True
Give A Short Answer To get the "Big Picture" for effective note taking, write the 2 "Key Questions" that must be answered. 1. "what" info should I write in my notes? 2. "how" should I write that info?
Give A Short Answer What is the goal of effective note taking? To collect key concepts, main ideas and supporting details.
Fill in the blank Taking "reading" notes and "in class" listening notes are similar but "listening" notes are more ____________ and you need an alternate strategy to compensate. challenging
Fill in the blank In ________ learning, perfect class notes are unnecessary because you will not be studying from them. Study materials will be organized effectively for deep learning & retention. CORE
Fill in the blank What does the acronym CORE stand for? C = O = R = E = C = collect O = organize R = rehearse E = evaluate
Fill in the blank The goal of _________ note taking is to collect key concepts, main ideas and supporting details. effective
Fill in the blank There are 2 categories of note taking, _________ & _________. linear graphic
Fill in the blank Notes taken in Outline format is known as __________ note taking, where as notes taken in a Concept Map format is considered ________ notes taking. linear graphic
Multiple Choice Creating a positive affirmation before taking notes a) is unnecessary and wastes time b) is required as part of the course and you will be graded on it c) is a group activity practiced at the beginning of every class d) keeps one moti d
Multiple Choice Completing homework assignments before class a) earns you extra credit b) increases understanding by creating new neural networks c) excuses you from attending the next class session b
Multiple Choice Additional steps to complete before taking notes is a) assemble appropriate supplies that work best for you to be organized b) write questions about the info & bring to class c) attend every class d) all of the above d
Multiple Choice To effectively collect info "in class," a student would a) ask another student to take notes b) avoid asking questions so as not to interrupt the speaker c) actively listen, reflect back, ask questions listen for verbal cues c
Multiple Choice A method of notes taking helpful with well organized lectures that records ideas in the order of importance by levels is known as a) an outline b) a concept map c) 3 column notes b
Multiple Choice A method of note taking, graphic in nature, helpful when an instructor jumps back and forth between topics, and "where" on the page the info is placed indicates it's importance is known as a) outline b) concept map c) 3 column notes b
Multiple Choice A method of note taking helpful for taking demonstration and problem solving notes such as in a math course is known as a) an outline b) a concept map c) 3 column notes d) highlights c
True or False We lose approximately 50% of what we hear in 24 hours False (we lose 75%)