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Moses 2

How many plagues did God use? 10
Why did God use plagues to punish Pharaoh? because would not let the Hebrews go
What plagues did God use? Turning water into blood, frogs, lice, flies, murrain, boils, thunder and hail, locusts, three days of darkness, passover
What did God turn the water in to? blood
How many days of darkness did God send? three days
Pharaoh's magicians could _____ take the frogs away not
The Hebrew people lived in the land of ______. Goshen
Who went to Pharaoh? Moses and Aaron
Moses's rod became a _____. snake
The Pharaoh's magicians turned their rods into ____. snakes
What did Moses' snakes do to the other snakes? his snake ate the other snakes
Pharaoh's magicians could not take the ______ away. frogs
Pharaoh did not want to let the Hebrews leave _____. Egypt
What did Pharaoh make the slaves do after Moses asked him to let them go? work even harder
The Hebrews ________ that they had to work harder. complained
The ______________ is a picture of Christ dying for our sins Passover
God led the Hebrews with a _______ during the day cloud
God led the Hebrews with a ______________ at night. pillar of fire
Moses led the Hebrews to the __________ with the Egyptians following. Red Sea
God parted the Red Sea and all of the Hebrews crossed on ___________. dry land
What happened to the Egyptians when the tried to follow the Hebrews across the Red Sea? they drowned
During the Passover the _______ son would be killed unless a spotless lamb was killed and the Lamb's blood applied to the door posts. oldest
What kind of lamb needed to be provided during the Passover? a spotless lamb
Where did the Hebrews need to put the lamb's blood? on the door posts
Who would visit during the Passover if the Hebrews did not put the lamb's blood on the door posts? the Death Angel
Who would die during the Passover if the Hebrews did not put the lamb's blood on the door posts? the oldest son
Created by: downingsh