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Assignment 1


According to Hermann Ebbinghaus, in his first studies of memory he discovered that we lose about _______________________of what we learn within twenty four hours after learning the information 75 percent
What is the one of the most important thing you have to do before taking notes? A. Create a positive affirmation about taking notes. B. Get together with a classmates to take turns taking notes. C. Bring a writing utensil. D. Bring a lot of paper A
According to a summary of research on note-taking collected by Kenneth Kiewra, lecture notes taken by first-year students contain, on average, only ___________________ of the critical ideas presented during a class. 11 percent
What is the goal of note taking? A. Collecting key concepts B. Collecting main ideas C. Collecting supporting details D. All of the above D
To take effective class notes, you need to answer two key questions: What should I write in my notes and how should I write that information? True
Which of the following should you not do before note taking? A. Attend class every day B. Assemble appropriate supplies C. Don’t complete homework assignments before class D. Prepare list of questions E. Be organized C
While taking notes, you must be aware that your inner conversation competes with active listening, so it is important to __________________ your Inner Critic and Inner Defender during class. quiet
What should you do when you don’t understand an idea in class? A. Speak out and ask the question. B. Don’t bother asking the question c. Ask the professor. D. Keep taking notes and do not be left behind. C
After completing homework assignments, write questions you have about the information and find the answers to the question before attending class. False
List two of the verbal clues you should listen to while taking notes. could be any of the following: The point is . . . The following is very important . . . Be sure to write this next idea in your notes . . . On page 135 underline the following . . .The next step for solving this problem is . . .
What is not a good way to collect a good set of notes? A. Take notes with an outlines B. Take notes using Cornell C. Take notes with concept map D. Record the class B
Be organized by adding the following to all of you notes: Course name, Date of the class, Topic of the class, Any associated reading assignments and Page number. True
Explain how you should divide a three-column notes for mathematics. One the left write the problem, in the middle the solution and on the right an explanation.
What should you do when you have a professor that speaks faster than you can write? A. Condense your writing using main ideas and key concepts B. Leave a blank space and fill out later C. Use abbreviations as much as possible. D. All of the above D
Outlines are most helpful when instructors presents well-organized lectures. True
Concept maps are helpful when lecturers leap from idea to idea. True
After taking notes, make sure that you polish your notes within ____________________ hours. 24
You should correct misspelling after note taking. True
After taking notes, make you that they are accurate, complete, and _______________________. understandable
Also, make sure that you ______________________ notes with other classmates in order to see if you missed important information and further polish you notes. compare
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