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Science Saftey

What must be worn when Bunsen burners or chemicals are being used ? Goggles
Hair that's beyond the collar must be __ when flames, chemicals, or glassware is being used. Tied back
Never mix __ unless you know what the result will be or you are told so. Chemicals
Don't __ chemicals unless the teacher tells you so. Taste
If glassware breaks or spills, __ it to the ___ before cleaning it up.. Report, Teacher
Report to the teacher any ___ equipment, such as cracked beaker, weird chemical reactions. Faulty
In case of a __ tell a teacher so appropriate steps may be taken. Spill
Be extremely careful while handling ___ or _____ ______. Chemicals, Flammable Liquids
Make sure you read the ______, so you understand the experiment. Directions
Listen carefully to the teachers ____. If the teacher says stop immediately, stop. You could be in danger. Instructions
Never ____ materials on the teachers desk or demonstration table. Handle
No ___ or _____ should be brought to class unless it's workshop. Food or drink
Make sure an object is ___ before handling it. Cold
Be aware of an _____ ___ and safety equipment such as an exit window, eyewash, and fire blanket. Emergency Exit
Make sure all aisles, _____ and _______ are clear. Tables and doorways
Never put chemicals in their original ____ containers. Chemicals
Put ___ in the sink, and ____ in the garbage. Liquids and Solids
Use ____ ____ to prevent injury Common Sense
Created by: Knicks0103