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Taking Tests

So You Want to Pass Your Test??

TRUE or FALSE: Before a test you should have a good night's sleep and a good meal? TRUE. By doing so your mind is focused, fueled, and ready to go.
TRUE or FALSE: If you actively use the CORE learning system it makes taking test easier? TRUE. The CORE learning system contain key points to retaining knowledge.
Which is NOT apart of the CORE learning system? A. Collect B. Organize C. Read D. Evaluate C. Read. Although reading is very important in college success, R stand for Rehearse.
TRUE or FALSE: The First rule to being test-smart is answering easy questions first? TRUE. The First Test-smart strategy helps you gain points by answering as many easy questions you know primarily.
Fill in the blank. The ________ rule of a test-smart plan is to spend time in proportion to points available. SECOND. Having answered the easy questions first, now answer the remaining questions that are worth the most points.
TRUE or FALSE: When answering a TRUE or FALSE question you have at least a 50% chance of getting the answer correct. TRUE.
When answering a multiple choice question you.. A. Read all the choices before answering. B. Answer the first one that is true. C. Skip the question entirely. D. Always pick C A. Read all the choices before answering
Fill in the blank. Make sure your ______ are grammatically correct. Answers.
Fill in the blank. When answering a fill in the blank question, the blank indicates if your answer will be a one word answer or a ____ _____ answer. Multiple Word.
TRUE or FALSE: When answering a short answer question if you do not know it, it is better to skip it completely. FALSE. By writing at least something you could receive partial credit instead of no credit.
When answering a short answer it is wise to.. A. Proof read your answer B. Begin your answer with the main idea. C. Have a conclusion D. all the above D. all the above
When answering a Math problem it is best to.. A. Write down all the formulas the test will cover B. Show all your work C. If time allows it, re check. D. all the above D. all the above
Fill in the blank. If you get stuck on a test question you should _____ ___. Move On. It is best to not spend so much time on one problem. Answering all easy questions first allows time in the end to go back to harder questions.
TRUE or FALSE: You should always review your instructors feedback? TRUE. Reviewing your instructors feedback gives you time to analyze your errors.
Before the next test, if you did not do so well the first time, you should.. A. Give up B. Ask for help C. Guess better D. none of the above B. Ask for help Asking for help from an instructor or tutor will increase your chances of a higher grade the next time.
After taking test you should ______ yourself. Reward. No matter how you think you did on the test, if you studied and asked for all the help you need, you should reward yourself for the hard work you put in.
When taking tests the main factor(s) is(are)... A. How well have you prepared B. How well do you take tests C. How much have you learned from previous tests D. all the above D. all the above
Fill in the blank. Being ____ _____ is the art to taking tests. test smart.
In a short answer explain what is Visualizing Success.. Visualizing Success is creating a mental step by step movie on how you will master an exam. In your mind you're understanding every question in its form, answering each one quickly and correctly, and ultimately receiving a good grade.
In a short answer explain what tips could help increase essay points. Never leave essay questions blank. If you feel you don't have enough time, at least put together an outline to receive partial credit. If at all possible ask your instructor if you could type your essay for time management reasons.
Created by: SylviaK