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Native vocab

Anishinabe The Ojibway word for the original inhabitants of the earth; human beings
Band One of the offshoot groups of the Ojibway nation, so-called by the U.S. government
Chippewa The name the French gave to the group of American Indians who migrated from the mouth of the St. Lawrence River and settled on and around Madeline.
Gitchi Manito The great miracle ; the creator of the Earth, Anishinabe and all things on earth.
Legends Very old stories old people tell the children of there tribe
Makuk A container made of birch bark used for storing foord
Megis Shell The sacred shell that led to the Anishinabe on their great migration
Monigwanekanig This place is know today as Madeline Island ( A place of the yellow hammer bird.)
Ojibway Indian name for the Chippewa Indians
Reservations As White settlers began moving into areas that the Indian people were occupying, the government set aside reserved pieces of land where indian people were forced to live
Treaty An agreement made between the U.S. government and Indian people. These treaties were often misunderstood by Indians
Winaboozhoo The spirit of the original man
Midewiwin The Ojibway medicine lodge religion
Clan A group of families descended from the same ancestor. Among the Ojibway a child becomes a member of the clan to which his or her father belongs to.
Created by: SchoneyFam