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Rad Pro 3

Week # 3 Lumbar, Sacrum, And Coccyx

What are the largest vertebrae? lumbar
What holds most the body's weight and which vertbrae is the largest? lumbar spine; L5
How is the intervertebral foramina best demonstrated on the lumbar spine? 90 degrees (true lat)
What forms the intervertebral foramina? superior and inferior vertebral notches (space between two pedicles when stacked)
What forms the zygapophyseal joints? SAPS & IAPS
Where do the zygo's lie to MSP? 30-50 degress
For radiography what will best demonstrate the zygo's? 45 degree oblique
The upper lumbar vertebrae lie at a ____ degree and the lower lumbar lie at a ____ degree. 30; 50
What is the pars interarticularis? the portion of the lamina between the superior and inferior articulating processes
How many "sets" (pairs) of sacral foramina are there on the sacrum? 4
Where are the alae or wings located? lateral to the first sacral segment
The 2 SAPS of the sacrum articulate with the IAPS of the 5th lumbar vertebrae to from what joint? zygo
Where is the sacral promontory? the anterior ridge of the first sacral segment
The sacral canal lies posterior to the body of the ________; this is continuation of _______. first sacral segement; spinal canal
What is the median sacral crest formed by? fusion of the spinous processes
At what surface does the sacrum articulate with the ilium at? auricular surface
What represents the IAPS for the 5th sacral segment? sacral horns or cornau
Where does the sacral horns articulate with? cornau of the coccyx
Each SI joint opens obliquely posteriorly at an angle of _____; and which side does it show? 30 degrees; upside
Where is the base of the coccyx? superior
Where is the apex of the coccyx? inferior
The base has 2 _____ _____ projecting laterally. transverse processes
To visualize the scotty dog what degrees is the pt? 45 degrees
What are the scotty dogs neck? pars interarticularis
What are the scotty dogs ears? SAPS
What are the scotty dogs eyes? pedicle
What are the scotty dogs nose? transverse process
What are the scotty dogs front leg? IAPS
What lumbar vertebrae should u see good scotty dogs? L2-L4
Which way does the dog face? downside
The leg of the superior dog and the ear of the inferior dog form the _______. zygo joint
What is the clasification and mobilty type for zygo joints? synovial and diarthrodial
What is the classification of intervertebral joints? cartilaginous and amhithrodial (slightly moveable)
In the L-spine intervertebral foramina are visualized on what? 90 degree true lateral
In the L-spine the zygo's are best visualized on what? Obliques
Anterior obliques show the _____. upside joints
Posterior obliques show the ______. downside joints
At what degree do u do a general lumbar oblique? 45
What degree oblique to best visualize L1-L2? 50 degrees
What degree oblique to best visualize L5-S1? 30 degrees
Why is the L1 shot 50 degrees? It is closer to thoracic vertebrae that require a 70 - 75 degree oblique.
What positioning landmark is at the level of mid coccyx? pubic symphysis
ASIS is the same level as the ____ or ____ sacral segment. 1st; 2nd
What level is iliac crest? L4-L5
What level is the lower costal margin? L2-L3
Who should u always shield while doing a L-spine? males
Why flex kness on an AP L-spine? brings spine closer to Ir and Lumbar column more parallel to the table top.
What is the advantage of doing an L-spine PA vs AP? lower dose to female ovaries and place intervertebral disk more parallel with the divergence of the beam.
What is the dis-advantage of doing an L-spine PA vs AP? large OID of vertebrae
Created by: miss4o7