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Theory nitrates

All nitrates are known collectively as Nitrovasodilators
All nitrates lead to the formation of what chemical? Nitric oxide
Pharmacological what effect do nitrates have on the body Venous and arterial dilation: Dilation of veins predominates over that of arteriolar. As a result, a decrease in left and right ventricular EDP(preload) and a smaller decrease in systemic arterial pressure(after load).
Venous and arterial dilation causes what in the heart Decreasing myocardial workload and oxygen demand
The realize of NO can cause e activation of what chemical Cyclic GMP (cGMP)
cGMP causes vasodilation by Decreasing calcium levels in the cell
What are are anti-anginals used for Treatment and prevention if angina pectoris
What are some side effects of nitroglycerin Hypotension, headache,dizziness,tachycardia,flushing
How is sublingual nitroglycerin administered 1 tablet every 5 mins until, pain subsides or significant drop in BP. No more than 4-5 tabs if still in pain call i911
What is nitric oxide and what is it do Free radical, inducescoronary vasodilation
How do nitrates cause a reduction in venous return (preload) increasing the venous capacitance causing pooling of blood in peripheral veins in there there by a reduction in venous return and ventricular volume
True or false nitrates are better arterial then Venus dilators False
What is the gold standard of acute angina Sublingual nitroglycerin
To decrease the notorious nitrate tolerance, an"on/off strategy of at least ____ -______ nitrate-free interval" is practiced 10-hour
Intra-coronary NTG is used to minimize ischemia I do to coronary spasm true or false True
How does NTG relieve angina It increases oxygen supply to the heart muscle
The body relaxes vascular smooth muscle in that in arterial walls by releasing its own supply of Nitric oxide
Nitro paste is administered in what units of measure Inches
IV NTG is stored in class rather than plastic because NTG is in activated by polyvinylchloride plastic
Nitroglycerin would be contraindicated in Severe hypotension
Nitrates cause vasodilation by Relaxing vascular smooth muscle
Overdosage of sodium nitroprusside can result in cyanide poisoning the reversal agent for this Toxicity Methylene blue
The mechanism of nitroglycerin's effect on vascular smooth muscle is Preventing calcium from initiating actin and myosin and coupling
Reducing preload and afterload a reduces angina on by Decreasing myocardial oxygen demand
The usual sub lingual does a nitroglycerin 0.4 mg
nitroglycerin sublingual tablets should not be chewed because of reduction in potency caused by First pass metabolism