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Reflexive verbs ital

italian reflexive verbs

truccarsi to put makeup on
lavarsi i denti to brush ones teeth
pettinarsi to comb ones hair
lavarsi to wash oneself
mettersi to put on
vestirsi to get dressed
abbottonarsi to button
alzarsi to get up
farsi la barba to shave
spazzolarsi to brush
addormentarsi to fall asleep
annoiarsi to get annoyed
arrabbiarsi to get angry
chiamarsi to call oneself
diplomarsi to graduate from HS
divertirsi to enjoy oneself
fermarsi to stop
lamentarsi to complain
laurearsi to graduate from college
lavarsi to wash oneself
rilassarsi to relax
sbagliarsi to be wrong
sentirsi to feel
sposarsi to get married
svegliarsi to wake up
allacciarsi to buckle
asciugarsi to dry oneself
bagnarsi to take a bath
guardarsi allo specchio to look at oneself in the mirror
lavarsi la faccia to wash ones face
mettersi il rosetto to put lipstick on
stancarsi to be tired
fare bella figura to make a good impression
farsi la doccia to take a shower
fare il bucato to wash clothes
Created by: lilee256