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Science Definitons

science The study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.
observe noticing something and studying it .
inferring conclude data from evidence and reasoning.
predicting an educated guess about something that is going to happen in the future.
chemistry a type of science that deals with figuring out the substances of which matter is composed.
physics a type of science about nature and properties of matter and energy
scientific inquiry understanding and developing scientific ideas.
hypothesis explanation made on the basis of evidence
parameter a numerical factor forming a set that defines a system
manipulated variable the variable that u can control , the variable that you keep constant .
responding variable the variable that responds and changes.
controlled variable a constant unchanging variable.
data facts and statistics
communicating sharing or exchanging information.
model a three-dimensional representation of a person or thing.
scientific theory definition of the natural world.
scientific law statement based on repeated experiments.
weight a body's relative or mass or the quantity of matter contained by it
mass a coherent , typically large body of matter with no definite shape
volume the amount of space a subject or object occupies , or that is enclosed within a container , especially when great
SI international system of units
meniscus the curved upper surface of a liquid in a tube.
length the measurement or extent of something end to end ; the greater of two or three dimensions of a body.
estimate an approximate calculation or judgement of the value , number , quantity or extent of
accuracy the quality or state of being correct or precise.
reproducilibility the ability of an entire experiment or study to be duplicated , either by the same researcher or by someone else working independently.
significant figures the digits of a number that are used to express to its required degree of accuracy , starting from the first nonzero digit .
graph a diagram showing the relation between variable quantities
horizontal axis the horizontal or nearest horizontal plane on a two or three dimensional grid.
vertical axis a vertical or nearest vertical plane on a two or three dimensional grid.
origin the point or place something begins , arises or is derived
coordinate brings the different elements of a complex activity organization into a relationship that will ensure efficiency
data point an unidentifiable element in a data set .
line of best fit a straight line drawn through the center of a group of data points plotted on a scatter plot.
linear graph a series of discrete or continuous as in forming a curve. a straight line
slope a surface of which one end or side is at a higher level than another a rising or falling surface.
nonlinear graph not involving or arranged in a straight line .
motion distance from another object is moving.
reference points a place or object used for comparison o determine if something is in motion
distance the length of a path between two points
displacement the length and direction that an object has moved from its starting point.
vector a quantity that consists of of both a magnitude and a direction
speed the distance the object travels per unit of time
average speed divide the total distance traveled by the total time
instantaneous speed the rate which an object is moving at a given instant time
velocity speed in a given direction
slope the steepness on a line graph.
motion the action or process of moving or being moved
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