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Chapter 25


aromatherapy use of aromatic fragrances to induce relaxation
bevel to slope the free edge of the nail surface to smooth any rough edges
chamois buffer implement that holds a disposable chamois cloth that is used to add shine to the nail and to smooth out wavy ridges on nails
dimethyl urea hardeners hardeners that ise dimethyl urea and add crosslinks to the natural nail plate but do not cause adverse skin reactions
effleurage light, continuous-stroking massage movement applied with fingers and palms in a slow and rhythmic manner
essential oils oils used in aromatherapy that are extracted via diverse forms of distillation from seeds, bark, roots, leaves, woods, and resin
formaldehyde hardeners contain up to 5 percent formaldehyde and create bridges or cross-links between the keratin strands that make up the natural nail, making the plate much stiffer and more risistant to bending
mild abrasive substances used for smoothing nails and skin
oval nail nail shape that is similar to squoval with even mre rounded corners
petrissage kneading movement kneading movement in massage performed by lifting, squeezing, and pressing the tissue
pledgets small, fiber-free cotton squares often used by nail professionals to remove polish
pointed nails nail shape suited to tin hands with narrow nail beds; shape is tapered and somewhat longer than usual
protein hardener a combination of clear polish and protein, such as collagen, that provide a clear hard coating on the surface of the nail
pumice powder white or grayish powdered abrasive dericed from volcanic rock, used for smoothing and polishing
reinforcing-fiber hardeners contain fibers such as nylon, and protect the nail by coating the natural nail
round nail nail shape that is slightly tapered and extends just a bit past the tip of the finger
square nail nail shape that is completely straight across with no rounding at the edges
squovel nail nail shape with a square free edge that is rounded off and extents just slightly past the tip of the finger
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