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Sadlier Oxford C3

allot to assign or distribute in shares or portions
amass to bring together, collect, gather
audacious bold, adventurous, reckless
comply to yield to a request or command
devoid not having our using; lacking
elite the choice part of a group of people or things; superior
grapple an iron hook used to grab and hold wrestle or fight with
incapacitate to deprive of strength or ability
instigate to urge on; stir up, provok
longevity long life
myriad in very great numbers
perspective a point of view or general standpoint from which different things are viewed physically or mentally
perturb to disturb greatly
prodigious immense; extraordinary in bulk, size, or degree
relevant related to the matter at hand
skittish extremely nervous and easily frightened; shy or timid
tether a rope or chain used to fasten something to a fixed object; to fasten with a rope or chain
unison a sounding together; accord
vie to compete; to strive for
willful stubbornly self-willed; done on purpose, deliberate
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