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C Chapter 3 Reveiw

What are the jobs pharmacy technicians have had to do in the past? Billing, ordering stock, typing, answering the phones, greeting customers, trouble shooting, cashiering,, and running errands
What are some of the functions of the state BOP? Creating state pharmacy laws, enforcing both state and federal laws pertaining to pharmacy, register and certify pharmacy technicians, license pharmacist, and give patients a line to phone in any problems they have noticed at a pharmacy
What can happen if a pharmacy is found guilty of non compliance? Fines can be imposed and pharmacy may be shut down
What are some nondiscretionary jobs a pharmacy technician may do? Billing insurance companies, repackaging medications, and ordering stock
Who may sign off or give approval of task? Pharmacist or in some states tech check tech certified technicians
What are some things that technicians can not do in the pharmacy? council patients on medications, interpret scientific studies, or confer with medical personal regarding proper treatments
What are some basic skills required by pharmacy technicians? understand how to use a computer, be able to type at least 35 words a minute, prepare various reports and documents, and order supplies appropriately
What are some of the specialized skills technician can learn? Inventory, robot filler, IV tech, chemotherapy, anticoagulant, tech-check-tech, clinical, supervisory
What are the inventory technicians jobs? order all stock, handle billing, talk to drug representatives, and may be responsible for ordering lowest cost items
What are the jobs a robot filler technician must do? Trained to fill and keep them running smoothly
What are the jobs of a IV technician? interprets orders and prepares all parenteral medications and special medication that is delivered IV or IM
What does a chemotherapy technician do? prepares all chemotherapeutic agents and there related medications
What are the responsibilities of an anticoagulant technician? assist pharmacist in contacting patients for follow ups on anticoagulant medications such as when the dose or medication needs to be changed?
What is a tech-check-tech trained technician do? can check the work other technicians do to do lessen the workload on the pharmacist along with preparing floor stock
What does a clinical technician do? Helps the clinical pharmacist track medications so they can have the appropriate information in the patients profile
What is the job of the supervisory technician? schedules other technicians and may even hire prospective technicians by reviewing their skills and backgrounds
What are task you may need to know working in an inpatient pharmacy? Stocking different medication, strengths, and forms across the hospital according to the wing your in, compounding non-sterile products, and prepare solutions and suspensions, and being able to get stat orders done and repackaging medications
What task do you need to know working in an outpatient pharmacy? Must answer phones, register refills, answer questions on different types of insurance, and look up information in the computer while dealing with customer complaints and trying to fill their medications
What are some specialized technicians in the outpatient pharmacies? trainer, recruiter, stock, insurance biller, and retail
What does a insurance billing technician do? must know the guidelines for all insurance companies that they accept
what does a retail technician do? must have excellent communication skill, phone skills, and filling prescriptions
What jobs do the stock technician do? must know contacts for fast service and be able to quickly locate products, preform proper billing, including handling returns, recalled drugs, and controlled substances
what does the recruiter technician do? hired by a company to recruit other technicians to come to their company
What does the trainer technician do? A technician who trains new technicians on the computer programs and helps them master the skills related to their specific pharmacy
What type of pharmacy is growing steadily? mail order/ E-pharmacy
What are the five forms of communication? Listening, body language, verbal, phone etiquette, and hand writing
What are the five stages a terminally ill person goes through? denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance
what are the different levels of technicians? Technicians: don't even need a diploma or GED in some states Licensed: Are licensed through a government agency that has determined safe to work in pharmacy Registered: registered through the state board Certified: mastery or core knowledge proven
Created by: must learn