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Humanities 2

The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew Caravaggio, oil on canvas, chiaroscuro, mannerist orthodox gives way to Baroque, expressed anger
The Burial of Count Orgaz El Greco, oil on canvas, Spanish Renaissance/mannerism, judgement awaits them too, collection of emotions and feelings people long for
David Bernini, marble sculpture, Baroque/realism/movement, strength and courage as he fights Goliath, pride and aggression and determination
Lamentation over Saint Sebastian Georges de la Tour, oil on canvas, French Baroque, inspire sympathy, how humans deal with death, sadness, understanding, acceptance, and dignity
Judith and Holofernes Artemisia Gentileschi, oil on canvas, Baroque, anger and revenge, how sho got revenge out to people
Las Meninas Velázquez, oil on canvas, Spanish Baroque, naturalism influenced by Caravaggio, praising himself showing privilege
Madonna of Loreto Caravaggio, oil on canvas, Baroque, brings blessed onto a more human level, even people you look up to are just human
Marchesa Elena Grimaldi Van Dyck, oil on canvas, Flemish Baroque, she has a higher place in life, the rich think they are superior
Woman Reading a Letter Vermeer, oil on canvas, Dutch Baroque, sadness (blue), human interaction and care
Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus Rubens, oil on canvas, Baroque, the x and bursting out, emotional aspect of light and dark in Baroque
Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph Rembrandt, oil on canvas, chiaroscuro, doesn't show disagreement between Jacob and Joseph, intimate, tender, and warm
Louis XIV Rigaud, oil on canvas, Baroque, power and motion of the way he looks, look for a leader, he looks like a god
Piazza of St. Peter's Basilica Bernini, Italian-mannerist sculpture, ceremonial fore-court, the maternal arms of Mother Church, church wants to embrace everyone
Abduction of the Sabine Women Poussin, oil on canvas, French Baroque, importance of marriage, fear, anger, and confusion
Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew de Ribera, oil on canvas, chiaroscuro/naturalism, real physical presence of his pain, suffering, anger, fear, through art people express feelings
Hall of Mirrors. Versailles le Brun, hallway, Baroque, economic and cultural power of France, people like feeling powerful and important
Et in Arcadia Ego Poussin, oil on canvas, classicism/Baroque, death is inevitable to all living things
Created by: Matti
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