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IOC4 Module 9

Key terms from IOC4 Module 9

Biome where water is a limiting factor. Less than 30cm of annual rain. Succulents for flora. Desert
Areas immediately north and south of the tropic zone Subtropical zone
Climatic zone between forest and desert. Experience seasonal drought and periodic fires. Tall and short grass depending on rainfall. Nutrients are below the ground. Grasslands
includes the vast treeless plains of the arctic region. Extremely cold temperatures and permafrost (permanently frozen subsoil) characterize the climate. Tundra comprises about 20% of the earth's surface. Arctic Tundra
is its height above a fixed reference point, often the mean sea level. Elevation
Forest dominated by trees that drop their leaves before winter because the decrease in temperature limits their ability to photosynthesize. The soils are rich in microbiota. Deciduous forest
Forest in temperate regions with warm summers and cool winters. This type of forests is predominately evergreen conifers and some broad leaf evergreens. Coniferous Forest
a high-altitude grassland plant community located in an alpine climate, above the tree line of a mountain. Alpine Meadow
Symbiotic association of a fungus with a photosynthetic partner. The partner produces food for the lichen from sunlight. Subarctic Lichen
Forest with broad-leaved trees that keep their leaves year round. Broad-leaf rainforest
Forest in temperate regions with warm summers and cool winters. These forests are predominately evergreen conifers and some broad leaf evergreens. Coniferous Forest
Characterized by dense grass up to 2 meters high. Area between far Western states and Mississippi. Prairie
Eastern forests of the US. Midwest - Eastern sea board. Deciduous forest
Great Basin, Sonoran, Mojave, Chihuahuan..these are the major Biomes of this type in the US. Desert
The only Tundra Region in the US Alaska
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