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Pharm II Exam 1

Drugs Affecting the Parasympathetic/Sympathetic Nervous System

Muscarinic Agonists prototype? Bethanechol
Bethanechol Routes? Po(will need larger dose) or SQ(has more adr effects)
The antidote of Muscarinic Agonist toxicity? Why? Atropine...it is a Muscarinic Antagonists and will indirectly give the opposite effect of Bethanechol.
Muscarinic Antagonists prototype? Atropine
Atropine Routes? Topical, PO, IV, IM, SQ
The antidote of Muscarinic Antagonists toxicity? Physostigmine...it is an cholinesterase inhibitor, will stop the breakdown of ACh.
What two Muscarinic Antagonists drugs will tx OAB? Tolterodine/Detrol (Get off the toilet) and Oxybutynin/Ditropan (stop the running)
Cholinesterase Inhibitors Reversible prototype? Neostigmine(short neo)
Neostigmine Routes? PO(need larger dose), SQ, IV, IM. note that it cannot cross the BBB
What is the antidote for TX Cholinesterase Inhibitors Reversible OD? Atropine...because it will stop the muscarinic receptor from being excessively stimulated.
What are the four treatment steps from irreversible cholinesterase inhibitors? 1.Ventilation 2.Atropine(stimulate muscarinic) 3.Pralidoxime(reverse effects) 4.Diazepam
Prototype for Nondepolarizing neuromuscular blockers? Tubocuraine
Tubocuraine Routes? IV, IM
What is the antidote for Atropine OD Physostigmine
What is the prototype for Depolarizing neuromuscular blockers? Succinylcholine
Succinylcholine routes? IV, IM
What enzyme breaks down Succinylcholine? pseudocholinesterase
Cholinesterase inhibitors enhance the effects of Succinylcholine? cholinesterase inhibitors delay the degradation of succinylcholine
Ganglionic Stimulating Agents prototype? Nicotine
Nicotine Effects? CV, CNS, GI, and Dependence
Ganglionic Blocking Agents prototype? Mecamylamine
Catecholamines Drugs? Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Dopamine, Dobutamine and Isoproterenol
Noncatecholamine Drugs? Ephdrine, Phenylephrine and terbutaline
Catecholamine Routes? not PO, must be given by infusion
Adrenergic Agonist Prototype? Epinephrine
Epinephrine activates which receptors? Alpha 1-2 and Beta 1-2
What Nursing Intervention should be done with Epinephrine given IV? Monitor IV site for infiltration, could have loss of blood flow and cause necrosis.
Epinephrine Routes? Topical, Injection and Inhalation
Norepinephrine activates which receptors? Alpha 1-2, Beta 1
Isoproternol activates which receptors? Beta 1-2
Dopamine activates which receptors? Alpha 1, Beta 1 and Dopamine, dependent on the dose
Dobutamine activates which receptors? Beta 1
Prototype of Selective Alpha Adrenergic Antagonist? Prazosin, blocks alpha 1 only
Prototype of Nonselective Alpha Adrenergic Antagonist? Phentolamine, blocks alpha 1 and 2
Phenoxybenzamine treats? Phenochromocytoma
Prototype of Nonselective Beta Adrenergic Antagonist? Propranolol, blocks beta 1 and beta 2
Prototype of Selective Beta Adrenergic Antagonist? Metoprolol
Drug interactions with Propranolol Calcium Channel Blockers, can mask hypoglycemia
Types of Adrenergic neuron blocking agents? Respirine and Guanethidine
Respirine treats? hypertension, schizophrenia and psychotic patients.
Guanethidine treats? hypertension only
Centrally acting alpha 2 agonist types? Clondine and Methyldopa
Clondine treats? hypertension and pain for cancer patients
Methyldopa treats? Hypertension
Created by: aneshia