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Chapter 11 Vocab

Blister Pack Container usually made of plastic that holds a single-dose tablet or capsule
Bubble Pack A preformed card with depressions that can hold medications and sealed with a foiled back card
Calibration The markings on a measuring device
Compounding The act of mixing , reconstituting, and packaging a drug
Cream A hydrophilic base
Elixir A base solution that is a mixture of alcohol and water
Emulsification To make into an emulation or to bind together
Excipient Inert substance added to a drug to form a suitable consistency for dosing
FDA Food and drug administration
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Federal guidelines that must be followed by all entities that prepare and package medication or medical devices
Homogeneous A uniformed composition throughout the medication mixture
Hydrophilic water loving any substance that easily mixes with water
Hydrophobic water hating any substance that doesn't mix or dissolve in water
Mortar and Pestle A bowl and rounded knob used to grind substances into a fine powder or to mix liquids
Ointment A hydrophobic product
Oleaginous Base Ingredient used in compounding that doesn't dissolve in water
Periodic Automatic Replacement (PAR) A set minimum amount of stock that needs to be kept on hand
Punch Method Manual filling of capsules with powdered medication that has been premeasured
Reconstitution To mix a liquid and a powder to create a solution or a suspension
Repackaging The act of reducing the amount of medication from a bulk bottle
Solute The ingredient that is dissolved into a solution
Solution A water base in which the ingredient(s) dissolve completely
Solvent The greater part of a solution that dissolves the solute
Strip Pack A strip of heat sealed packets each holding one tablet or capsule; used to repackage medications
Suspention A solution in which the powder doesn't dissolve into the base and must be shaken before use
Syrup A sugar-based liquid
Triturate To grind or crush powder such as a tablet into fine particles
Troche A flat disk like tablet that dissolves between the gum and cheek
Unit Dose A single dose of a drug
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