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EMB 145 memory items / limitations

What is the minimum temperature for manual anti-ice operation? -40C
What is the max temp for anti ice operation? 10C
What is the Min / Max Fuel Temp? -54C to 52C
What is the Max Battery Temp? 70C
What is the Max APU Generator Load? 400 A Below FL300300 A Above FL300
What is the Max Main Generator Load? 400 A
What is max tailwind for T/O and Ldg? 10 Kts.
What is maximum N1? How may RPMs? 100%. 8,700 RPM
What is the speed limit for the wipers? 170 kts
What is the speed limit for the D/V window? 140 kts
What is the Max operating altitude (PA)? 37,000’
What is the min and max pressure altitude for T/O? -1000’ to 8000’
What are the min and max temperatures for T/O? -40 C to ISA+35 C
What is the min TAT temp in cruise above FL250? -45 C
What is the min ops temperature? -54 C up to FL270 increasing linearly to -65 C at FL370
What is the maximum altitude for flap extension? 20,000 MSL
What is the minimum altitude for the autopilot to remain coupled on an ILS? 200 AGL
What is the minimum altitude to engage the auto pilot after T/O? 500 ft. AGL
What is Va? 200 KIAS
What is Vloret? Vloext? Vle? 200 kias, 250 kias and 250 kias respectively
What is the maximum airspeed in manual reversion of the controls? 200 kias.
What is Vra? Turbulent air penetration speeds? 200< 10,000 MSL, 250 or .63M (lower) above
What are the recommended crosswind limits for T/O and Ldg? 30 Kts Dry or Wet. 25 Kts Compacted Snow. 20 Kts Standing water/slush, 10 Kts Ice.
What is the Icing Holding Configuration? Clean and 200 KIAS
What is the minimum OAT for landing? Why? -40c, because of the strut seals. They must be inspected if landing is done colder.
What is the fuel types used? Jet A, Jet A-1, JP-8.
Max. Fuel Imbalance? 800 lbs.
145EP Max useable fuel in each tank? 4600 lbs (679.8 gal)
145LR Max useable fuel in each tank? 5717 lbs (844.9 gal)
145EP Max useable fuel in each tank? 48 lbs (7.1 gal) Increases to 266 lbs. in each tank if one electric fuel pumps in inoperative. Pressure refueling reduces by 7.9 gal. Fuel weighs 6.767 lb/g
145LR Max useable fuel in each tank? 39 lbs (5.8 gal) Increases to 365 lbs. in each tank if one electric fuel pumps in inoperative. Pressure refueling reduces by 13.2 gal. Fuel weighs 6.767 lb/g
What are the fuel tank temperature limits? -40 C to 52 C
What are the maximum and minimum field elevations for T/O or landing? 8,000 MSL and –1,000 MSL respectively
What are the min & max T/O and LDG Pressure Altitudes? -1000’ to 8000’
What is the max EGT for all models? 800c
What is max ramp wt of the 145LR? 48,722 lbs
What is max takeoff wt of the 145LR? 48,501 lbs
What is max takeoff wt of the 145EP 46,275 lbs
What is max ramp wt of the 145EP? 46,495 lbs
What is max landing wt of the 145LR? 42,549 lbs
What is max landing wt of the 145EP? 41,226 lbs
What is max zero fuel wt for the 145LR? 39,462 lbs
What is max zero fuel wt for the 145Ep? 38,250 lbs
What are the maximum flap extension speeds? Flaps 9 = 250 kias, Flaps 22 = 200 kiasFlaps 45 = 145 kias
What is the meaning of the “quick turn-around” weights? If more than one brake temp sensor is inoperative, and a landing was made at or above that weight at that temperature, the crew must wait 33 minutes and inspect tires before takeoff.
What is the max operating temp? ISA+35C
What restriction is placed on loading the baggage compartment? Max of 1764 lbs with < 2000 lbs fuel AND only one person in baggage or aft elect bay for aircraft with thrust reversers. 2205 lbs for aircraft with out trust reversers.
What is Minimum N2, Idle N2 and Maximum N2, respectively? Min=53.6%, Idle=64% ground & 68% air, Max=102.5% (Post Mod 102.4%)
What is the minimum operating temp? SL to FL250 = -54c, FL250 to FL370 = -54c linear to –65c
What are G-load limits Flaps UP? DN? UP = +2.50 to –1.00. DN = +2.00 to -0.00
What is Vmo? Mmo? Vmo = 250 kias to 8,000, increasing to 320 kias at 10,000. Then 320 kias to .78 Mmo.
What are the APU starter cycles? Between 3 consecutive attempts: 1 min offBetween 2 series of 3 consecutive attempts: 30 min off.
What is the min temperature to start the C11 APU? -54C
What is the max altitude to start the C11 APU? 25,000’ or 30,000’ For A/C post mod. Min temp to start is -54 C and up to 30,000’
What is the max altitude to start the C14 APU? 30,000’
What is the max operational altitude for the C11 and C14 APU 37,000’
What is the max rotor speed on both C11 and C14 APU 108%
When will the C14 APU automatically shut down? 104%
Minimum battery temperature to start APU? -20 C
What is the continuous EGT for both C11 and C14 APU? 680 C May be exceeded for 5 min up to717 C
What is the Max EGT for C11 and C14 APU start? 884 C May be exceeded for 10 sec when started above FL250 to 925 C
Where to find other APU Limits? Fuel tank limits
What must be operative for ALT T/O 1 mode? ATTCS
After reverser deployment… Do not go around
Engine Starter Cycles Dry motoring On 5 min Off 20 min1st to 4th  On 1 min Off 1 min5th On 1 min Off 20 min
What are the engine spool vibration limits? LP 1.8 IPS; HP 1.1 IPS Vibration in the amber range is time limited to 5 min during T/O and go around, and 10 sec during flight.
T/O thrust is time limited to… 5 min.
Any engine exceedance must be… Monitored and logged by crew for MX.
Max ITT to start engines. (EP / LR) 800 C
Max ITT for T/O EP 921 C
Max ITT for T/O LR 948 C
Max ITT for CON EP 868 C
Max ITT for CON LR 901 C
Min / Max oil temp 21C-126C Min oil temp for start -40C (based on type of oil)
What is the Max N1? 100%
Min / Max oil pressure below 88% N2 34psi to 110 psi May exceed dur start if temp is blw 21 C. Engine must remain at idle until press less than 110 psi, Ops in oil press 111-115 psi is restricted 5 min, or from 116-155psi more than 2 min. Total time above 110, Lim 5 min.
Min / Max oil pressure above 88% N2 50psi to 110 psi For EP only (3007A). Ops between 50 and 34 psi is permitted during T/O and GA Phase. Ops in oil pres 111-115 psi is restricted to no more than 5 min, or from 116-155psi more than 2 min. Total time above 110, restricted to 5 min.
Engine warm up: Do Not exceed 83% N2 until oil is 40 C  Cold 4 Min IF Oil temp is not 40 C 8 Min Warm 2 Min -OR- Run Engine up to 88% N2 and verify oil Press is less than 83 psi
Engine cool down: Run at least 1 min at idle or taxi thrust.
Max Altitude for single engine or single bleed in ice conditions? 15,000’
Max airspeed after T/O without re-trimming? 160 KIAS
Max duration of ISIS on batteries 40 min Can be extended to 45 min by turning off pitot heat 3 (non-icing conditions)
Electromechanical gust lock  When ever set to unlocked position elevators must be checked.  Check must be performed at least 10 sec. after unlocked position.
Single engine go around Prohibited
Max operating altitude when one bleed or pack is closed? 25,000’ 37,000’ when operating APU bleed supplying pack 1 (engine bleed 1 closed) and engine bleed 2 supplying pack 2. Cross bleed closed.
Max Pneumatic Differential Negative Pressure? -0.3 psi
Max Pneumatic Differential Over Pressure? 8.1 psi
Max Pneumatic Differential Pressure? 7.8 psi
Windshear prevention/ recovery Thrust levers MaxGo Around Buttons Press
T/O configuration warning Do not take off.Airplane Configuration Correct
Battery Over temp Associated Battery Off
Cabin Fire or Smoke Crew Oxygen Masks Don, Select 100%Smoke Goggles or PBE DonRecirculation Fan OffCrew Communications Establish
Baggage Compartment Smoke Baggage Fire Extinguishing Button (if Installed) Press
APU Fire APU Fuel Shutoff Valve Close
Engine Fire, Severe Damage or Separation  Identify the affected engine.Thrust Lever IdleStart / Stop Selector StopFire Extinguishing handle Pull (Do Not Rotate)
Engine Low N1  If during takeoff, below V1Rejected T/O procedure Accomplish
ATTCS No Margin  If during takeoff, below V1Rejected T/O procedure Accomplish
Engine ATTCS Failure Thrust Levers Max
Dual Engine Failure Airspeed Minimum 260 KIASAltitude Max 25000’Oxygen Mask (if required) DonEngine Restart Procedure Accomplish
Engine Reverser Failure  If during takeoff, below V1Rejected T/O procedure Accomplish
Engine Thrust Reverser Disagree  If during takeoff, below V1Rejected T/O procedure Accomplish
Rejected T/O (At or below V1) Thrust Levers Idle or Max Reverse
T/O with Engine Failure above V1 Maximum T/O Thrust CheckAt Vr Rotate the Airplane.With Positive rate of climb: Landing Gear UP Airspeed V2
Engine out  If during takeoff, below V1Rejected T/O procedure Accomplish
Anti-Ice inoperative in Icing Conditions  If during takeoff, below V1Rejected T/O procedure Accomplish
Pitch Trim Runaway Contol Column Hold FirmlyBelow V1:Take off RejectAbove V1 or in flight:Quick Disconnect button Press and Hold
Jammed Elevator Elevator Disconnect Pull
Aileron / Roll Trim Runaway Contol roll attitude manually with control wheels and rudder: Quick Disconnect button Press and Hold Aileron Systems 1&2 Off
Jammed Aileron Aileron Disconnect Pull
Inadvertent spoiler opening in flight Control the airplane using thrust, elevator and stabilizer:Speed Brake Close
Rapid Cabin Depressuration Crew Oxygen Masks DonCrew Communications EstablishEmergency Descent As Required
Emergency Descent Cabin Crew Notify Fasten Belts On Thrust Levers Idle Spd Breaks Open A/S 250 KIAS Ldg Gear DNMEA Check
Abnormal Engine Start To Abort Start: Associated Thrust Lever Idle Start/Stop Selector Stop
Rudder / Yaw Trim Runaway Quick Disconnect button PressRudder Systems 1&2 Off
Steering System Inoperative or Uncommanded Swerving on Ground Control the airplane using rudder command and differential brakes:Steering Handwheel Do Not UseIf unable to ctrl the a/c, as an addit action:Steering Disengagement Button PressConsider using differential t/r if serviceable.
Created by: RBadley
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