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Human & Physical

*-,-*- Geog Concepts As -*-,-*-

Rural Growth Pole A rural area where governments deliberately encourage investment and resources to stimulate economic development
Top-down strategy Rural Development Projects determined and managed by people and organisations outside the area using technology, methods and advice from MEDCs
Bottom-up stategy local communities have ownership and involvement in managing rural development strategies
NGOs Is a voluntary, non-political, non-commercial organisation that is neither funded nor controlled by a national government. NGO's often concern themselves with environmental issues or helping the less privileged members of society
Intermediate Technology Simple technology that is straight-forward to build, small-scale, affordable and appropriate to the local communities' needs. This type of development also promotes self-reliance and use of local skills.
FARM-Africa est. 1985 aims to reduce rural poverty by enabling marginal African farmers and herders to make sustainable improvements to their well being through more effective management of natural resources.
Fragmentation - "multi-heiring" Occurs when agricultureal land is broken up so that one farm may actually consist of numerous small fields scattered over a wider area (often the result of inheritance laws)
Rural diversification A diversification of resources (land, capital, labour) perviously committed to rural activites and non-traditional enterprises.
Teleworking People working from home linked to telecommunications to their office.
Rural depopulation The movement of people from rural areas, usually in search of work.
Repopulation The movement of people back into an area that was previously depopulated.
Rural deprivation Deprivation in a rural area, resultin
Cycle of deprivation A circle of events experienced by diadvantaged people
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