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Mid Merm Vocab (1-6)

Grade 9 Level E Lessons (1-6) for midterms

Adversary An enemy
Ambidextrous Hypocritical, good with both hands
Ascertain To find out
Augment To make larger
Adroit Skillfull
Accede To yield to
Adulterate To corrupt
Assent To express agreement
Affiliate Associated, or connected to
Amicapable friendly
Belligerent Agressive, in war
Benevolent Kindly charitable
Chilvarous Marked by honnor, or courtesy
Craven Cowardly
Clemency Mercy
Converge To move together
Demise A death
Deploy To position, or arrange
Dearth Lacking, or inadequate supply of
Diffident Shy
Destitute Deprived of
Exhilarate Cheer, or give spirit too
Explicit Definite, or clearly ctated
Expunge To erace
Fallow Dormant, inactive
Fortitude Courage in facing difficulties
Facile Easily done or attaines
Finite Having limits
Gibes To udder taunting words
Harass To disturb
Inclement Stormy, or harsh
Inpoertune Comming at a bad time
Invunerably Can not be wounded
Infallable Free from error
Jeopardy Danger
Musty Stale
Malevolent Spitefull
Mused To think about in a dreamy way
Negligible Unimportant
Opulent Wealthy
Ominious Threatning, of bad omen
Ominiscient All knowing
Premeditated Concidered before hand
Pliable Addaptable, easily bent
Pungent Causing a sharp sensation
Repose To rest, lie or place, or to have peace of mind
Rampant Growing rapidly
Redress To set right
Remiss Neglectfull
Stately Magestic
Scrutinize To examine closely
Solace Comfort, relief
Stolid Dull, unresponcive
Scrupuous Exactly, paying attention to details
Truculent Aggressive
Temerity Rashness, and boldness
Tentative Uncertain, hesitant
Tepid Uninterested, lukewarm
Venal Open to bribary
Virulent Extremely Poisionous
Created by: nas0234