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Prospect Study Guide

Common Knowledge

How many California chapters are there? 18
What does the prospect uniform consist of? Black T-shirt with prospect and chapter name, camouflage pants, black shoes, silver marker, pen, note pad.
What is the purpose of prospecting? To educate in basic MC protocol, and to get in the habit of participating.
What are the 4 pillars of Ruff Ryder? Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta
What year was Ruff Ryders established? 1988
What is the corporate chain of command National Board Director - Montana President - VACANT Vice President - Big R Sergeant @ Arms - June
Who was the first platinum artist on Ruff Ryders? DMX
What is the first official chapter in Ruff Ryders, who founded it, and when? Los Angeles, Magnum, 2001
In order to join Ruff Ryders motorcycle division, what must you have? Motorcycle endorsement, registration, insurance, and motorcycle.
How many divisions are there in Ruff Ryders and what are they? Motorcycle, car/Truck, dog, and standard.
Who was the first member of Ruff Ryder motorcycle division? Scorpio
What paperwork must be signed in order to become a Ruff Ryder? The Ruff Ryder License Agreement
What are the requirements to join Dog Division? Own a bully breed registered with ABKC, signed license agreement, and pay all dues.
What are the 2 Ruff Ryder mottos? Ride or Die and Love by few, hated by many, respected by all.
What holds the names of all members of Ruff Ryders? The National Database that State/International Reps and presidents report to the national board on a monthly basis.
What is the number to membership services? 914-964-9677
What members were represented by playing cards and what were they? Wink - King of Hearts Yayi - Queen of Hearts Scorpio - Joker or Jack of Spades
Who's bike was debuted in the Ruff Ryders Anthem video? Yayi's Hayabusa, which had a Queen of Hearts on it and was being g ridden by Wink doing a wheelie.
What are the duties and responsibilities of a prospect? Be at the right place, right time, right uniform, right attitude.
How did Scorpio get his name and who gave it to him? From Eve and it was his tattoo.
What states have the most RR chapters? California (18) Texas (XX) Atlanta (XX)
Who were the original members of the stunt team? Scorpio, Wink, Yayi, Beast, Sweets, Craz1, Musk, Ming, Chloe, Jason
Who are the state reps in the surrounding states of California? Arizona - Baby Girl Nevada - Big Mitch Oregon - none
How many Chapters must a state have in order to have a state Rep? 2
What insignia do officer positions have? State/International Rep - 5 Star President - 4 Star Vice President - 3 Star Prospect Manager - 1 Star
What are the rules for a custom Ves The "R" cannot be covered or overpowered by anything.
What is attachment 4 of the national regulations? Prospect package.
Who's signature is known as the Ruff Ryder script? Scorpio
How many members does it take to have an officer removed? 5 good standing members.
Where did the first vested Ruff Ryder reside? Harlem New York
How long does the chain of command have to address an issue with the prospect before being addressed to the next higher paygrade? 72 hours
How old must a person be to prospect? At least 21 years old.
What is to occur after 45 days of prospecting? Evaluation Report
What is the Head Quarters Address? Ruff Ryders Lifestyles P.O. Box 65 Suffern, NY 10901-0065
If you are dismissed from prospecting, how long must you wait until you can prospect again? 1 calendar year.
What are the voting rights of prospects? None.
How many members must vote in a prospect to be a member? 3 or more.
Created by: RRPROSPECT
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