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A Chapter 1 Reveiw

Three things used for medication in early times? animal, plants, minerals
Why is the staff of Asclepius only one snake? cause snakes shed their skin it is believed to signify renewal of youth
what is the staff of Asclepius? A wingless walking stick with a single snake wrapped around it
Who uses the caduceus? many organizations still use it except the authoritative health organizations who use the true symbol of medicine
What were the four elements taught by Hippocrates? dry, wet, hot, and cold
What are the four humors and elements they are tied to? blood=air, phlegm=water, yellow bile=fire, and black bile=earth
How did Aristotle describe are organs? by dissecting other animals and giving detailed descriptions of the organs
How many book did Galen write and what did he prove? more than one hundred books and that blood flowed through arteries and veins rather than air
Paracelsus did what? Believed in one medication at a time and through experimentation and documentation was able to create many medications including laudanum
What did civil war soldiers use to treat their wounds? laudanum
What is an opioid? a synthetic or semisynthetic opiate
What was the first natural and synthetic antibiotics? penicillin in 1928(mushroom) and sulfonamide in 1938 (chemical dye) use in WWII for battle wounds
What vaccines did Louis Pasteur create? rabies, chickenpox, cholera, and anthrax 1877-1887
Edward Jenner created what vaccine in England? smallpox 1796
Emil Von Behring made what vaccines? 1896 typhoid fever vaccine, 1926 pertussis vaccine for whooping cough, and six different vaccines for influenza by 1946
Jonas Salk made what vaccine in America? polio vaccines
What is Manuka? A honey that keeps the wound moist, is bacteria free, and also has minerals, high sugar content, and amino acids the promotes healing: It was approved in America and Canada in 2007 as a medication
What was the purpose of show globes in a pharmacy? to let travelers know the health of the town and also show the competency of the pharmacist
What was the popular thing in pharmacies in the late 1800s-early 1900s? sodas mixed by the pharmacist of their own recipes with drugs mixed with certain flavors even additives such as caffeine and cocaine
What year was the PTCB created? 1995
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